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  • Adioma


Name of the app: Adioma
Type of the app: Infographic generator
Type of license: Paid

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Information graphics is one of the cool graphics form which represents a data or information an interesting manner to make a boring information much interesting and beautiful. And Adioma is an infographic maker which help you in this work of infographic making. Adioma contains plenty of free template samples which can be easily customized with their drag and drop feature. Or even you can start with a blank template. Adioma includes one feature where you can switch to any color with just a single click.

Features Of Adioma

  • One click color Scheme
  • A huge list of free Icon collection
  • A simple drag and drop editor
  • High-quality image export
  • Easy template switching

Alternatives To Adioma

S. NoAlternativeType Of ServiceLearn More
1.KritaFree[maxbutton id=”57″ url=””]
2.SnappaFree[maxbutton id=”57″ url=””]
3.MindthegraphFree[maxbutton id=”57″ url=””]
4.PiktochartFree[maxbutton id=”57″ url=””]
5.Easel.lyFree[maxbutton id=”57″ url=””]
6.InfogramFree[maxbutton id=”57″ url=””]
7.CreatelyFree[maxbutton id=”57″ url=””]
8.VismeFree[maxbutton id=”57″ url=””]
9.CanvaFree[maxbutton id=”57″ url=””]
10.PhotoshopFree[maxbutton id=”57″ url=””]

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