Advanced WiFi Technology That Guarantees Security During Distance Learning


A reliable internet connection is crucial so that online learning, streaming, and other entertainment activities will run as smoothly as possible. 

Network congestion can be frustrating for students and teachers. Hence, if poor internet connection plagues your school, you may want to consider updating your plan to a more advanced WiFi technology that guarantees security. 

Mobile Device Management (MDM) Software 

A mobile device manager helps ensure the security of a corporate network. It also allows different users to utilize their own devices for a more efficient online experience.

MDM can control teachers’ and students’ devices to ensure that these people use technology safely and responsibly. MDM covers many factors, including application deployment and management, security, and device maintenance. 

Reasons Why Schools Need MDM 

  1. Ensures Seamless Distance Learning 

MDM software allows you to secure your system even when your school works in remote mode. Thus, it enables you to improve the quality of distance learning significantly.  

  1. Improves and Secures Classroom Communication 

MDM software allows teachers to publish necessary documents on their students’ mobile devices using a remote file transfer. This way, students will have easy access to all the learning materials. 

In addition, MDM lets school children collaborate with their teachers and fellow students. They can share images, text files, presentations, and other learning materials safely. 

  1. User-Friendly 

Most MDM systems have streamlined user interfaces. For this reason, teachers can manage devices easily from the classroom. 

  1. Removes Unwanted Distractions 

One of the best features of MDM is its ability to block mature websites and applications. 

IT personnel representing the school can block mature content and send customized messages to encourage students to be more responsible. 

  1. Recovers Stolen Devices 

All devices have location history, user information, and serial numbers. MDM software with geolocation can locate lost devices. MDM can also even check student attendance.  

  1. Access to Insights for Parents and Educators 

MDM software allows parents and teachers to stay on top of existing trends. They can also access insights about students’ app usage, messaging and browsing history, and other pertinent information.

  1. Restrict Mobile WiFi Hotspots Through Android Phones 

Distance learning has become part of the new normal. Unfortunately, some students in rural areas may still struggle to attend online classes because of poor connectivity.

One possible solution is employing Android phones as mobile hotspot devices to enable distance learning connections to tablets and laptops.   

With MDM, your IT personnel can adjust the settings of these phones. Doing so ensures that students use their phones as hotspots and not as devices for entertainment during online classes.  

  1. Remotely Troubleshoot Device Errors Quickly 

System failures and technical glitches are sometimes inevitable. When these things happen, they can affect distance learning negatively. 

For example, when devices run into a problem, students can’t participate in a class discussion and thus miss a learning opportunity. 

Generally, most parents don’t have the skills and knowledge to fix the problem on their own. 

For this reason, you need to invest in MDM solutions so that your school can leverage the software to provide remote assistance. 

Some MDM platforms may offer a remote cast for mobile devices where the students’ screens can be mirrored remotely on the IT personnel’s computer. 

By getting better insights into the issue, the specialists may find a quicker and more effective solution to prevent future disruptions in online learning.   

  1. Enable Device Sharing 

Not all families have multiple mobile devices that students can use for distance learning. Thus, it’s crucial to create a system that enables two or more learners to use one device safely.

Some MDM platforms also have a profile switch feature that allows students to utilize unique log-in information to access learning materials, discussion boards, and assignments.

Things to Consider When Employing MDM Solutions 

  1. Do you require students to use their own mobile devices, or are you the one who supplies them? 
  2. Do you want iOS devices, or do you like Android?
  3. Do you prefer a cloud-based system to an on-premise one? 

Make sure to ask yourself these questions to help you decide the type of software you need.

Note that most MDM solutions operate on either an on-premise deployment model or a cloud-based system. These two are viable options. However, they do come with drawbacks.

In a premise-based model, MDM software is installed within your school’s servers. It gives you supreme authority over all activities. 

However, this system is pretty complex. Thus, you may need IT support management daily. 

Meanwhile, a cloud-based system is a more accessible alternative because you can enjoy the flexibility and security of a subscription-based service. 

However, a cloud-based system involves third-party providers who may be privy to sensitive data. 

It all boils down to personal preference. Still, you should develop your list of strategies, goals, or criteria to identify your school’s essential needs. This way, you can decide better. 


  In today’s digitally driven world, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of advanced WiFi technology.  A mobile device management solution is one of the platforms you can utilize to facilitate distance learning securely and effectively.  By having an effective MDM solution, you can enjoy a secure network, limit distractions in the classroom, and improve distance learning. 


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