The Best Alternatives To WhiteSmoke Grammar Checker


Nowadays, thanks to technological progress, students can simplify their lives and improve their grades. The tool that helps get rid of mistakes and deliver well-polished papers is the WhiteSmoke grammar checker. It highlights misspellings with grammar errors and offers corrections.

With this tool’s help, learners can check their paper and get rid of mistakes in a few seconds. Unfortunately, the WhiteSmoke can not guarantee that a paper will be 100% free of any mistakes. Also, it doesn’t offer free plans. Therefore, let’s review the best alternatives to this grammar checker.


This one is considered the #1 text editing app on the Internet. Grammarly offers a free plan that improves spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Also, the free plan helps make papers more interesting and engaging. The premium plan brings extra features that help polish papers and make them easy to read. 

Moreover, this tool can adjust your writing to a particular audience. For instance, you can choose British, American, Canadian, or Australian English in settings. Also, you can pick formality, tone, and intent. After setting all the goals, the tool will help you polish your paper according to the requirements.

Grammarly offers synonyms when you double click on a word. The premium plan brings the ability to check the level of plagiarism and get expert writing help.

This grammar checker can work as a browser extension, web application, and has desktop versions. Working as a browser extension, Grammarly offers corrections in third-party apps like Google Docs in live time. Also, it has an advanced keyboard for mobile devices. 


This one is a very popular grammar checker among students. It has a web browser extension, desktop apps, and an online editor. Ginger has a feature-rich functionality that helps correct mistakes, improve writing, and polish a paper.

It highlights words or phrases that require corrections in the left sidebar. To apply changes, you need to click on a suggestion. Three tabs bring instant access to a translator, online dictionary, and synonyms search in the right sidebar. 

Also, Ginger foresees the ability to rephrase sentences with ease. After picking a sentence to rephrase, the app offers a lot of alternatives to choose from. This feature helps upgrade a paper and reduce the level of plagiarism.


It is a simple tool for checking papers quickly and effortlessly. This proofreading software can check writing in more than 20 languages. Also, you can choose one of six English dialects. LanguageTool is free and offers a lot of solutions. 

You can check papers using the online tool or download a desktop version to edit text offline for starters. It also offers a lot of add-ons for Firefox, Chrome, LibreOffice, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, etc. 

LanguageTool detects a lot of different errors and offers corrections. By way of illustration, if you specified the date with a day of the week, the tool will check it and notify you if the stated day is incorrect. Also, it shows why a particular correction should be applied.

Google Docs

Mainly it is not a grammar checker. Google Docs is a comprehensive cloud-based text editor. However, it has an in-built spell-checker. Writing a paper in this tool, you can be sure that it will underline misspelled words. Also, it helps correct grammar mistakes. Note, Google Docs supports a lot of third-party applications that enhance its functionality and extra tools for polishing papers. 

Hemingway Editor

It is a great tool to check a paper’s overall quality and get rid of any misspellings. Hemingway Editor is free and has a desktop app and an online version. The editor checks the readability and offers a lot of suggestions to improve a paper. 

It highlights passive voice in the text as it can negatively affect the overall paper’s quality. The tool also shows sentences that are hard to read so that you can improve your text and make it easy to read for 6th-grade students, for example.

If you pay to do homework for you, never be shy to check the delivered papers via Hemingway Editor. 


The Reverso spell checker is a popular tool that can help you master your English and correct papers lightning-fast. The free version allows users to check texts that are shorter than 1200 symbols. To examine longer papers and documents, you’ll need to get a premium subscription. 

The app merely highlights errors and offers corrections. If there are multiple options available, you have to choose the most suitable variant. 

Also, the Reverso grammar checker can professionally translate paper in different languages, check definitions of words, and find synonyms with ease. 

Final Thoughts About Grammar Checkers

Grammar checkers bring a lot of convenience to our lives. They help students polish their papers and improve them with no hassle. However, you should know that online tools don’t guarantee 100% clearance and correctness. If you’re a student and want to get A+ for your papers, you should proofread your papers thoroughly before sending them.

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