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Released On: September 23, 2008
Developed By: Google
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Top  Android Alternative

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1.iOS2007[maxbutton id=”43″]
2.Windows1985[maxbutton id=”44″]
3.Ubuntu2004[maxbutton id=”45″]
4.Lineage OS………[maxbutton id=”46″]
5.Remix OS………[maxbutton id=”47″]
6.MIUI2010[maxbutton id=”48″]
7.Phoenix OS¬†……..[maxbutton id=”49″]
8.AOKP……..[maxbutton id=”50″]
9.Windows XP2001[maxbutton id=”51″]
10.Resurrection Remix OS……..[maxbutton id=”52″]

What Is Android

Android, it is the operating system build for smartphone devices, but it can be only used in the touch screen devices.

You will be amazed that Android is one of the most used mobile operating systems because it is simple, easy to use, and contain many advanced features.

Let’s get into some facts about the Android operating system.

  • Android OS is developed and released by Google.
  • It released on September 28, 2008
  • One of the most used mobile operating system
  • Android is not only used in mobile phones; rather it has experimented with tv, cameras, and many other products.
  • Google has the official copyright of the ownership of Android, but to promote Android, Google let some part of Android free for the developers and the manufacturers who build hardware.

Why Android Operating system is Much better Than others

  1. One of the main reason is, it is is the open source project.
  2. Because Android is the most used operating system so any product which is developed in Android can be easily promoted in the market.
  3. Making a product in android technology increased the success ration. There are lots of examples like android tv, Android smartphone, tablet, cameras all are successful and accepted world-widely.
  4. Android is not so much costly; it is cost effective.

Some of the features of Android

A Great user interface:

The primary thing or the first thing which we notice is the interface. And Android has a beautiful and user friendly user interface.

Storage And connectivity feature:

Android is best for storage and connectivity. For the storage it uses SQlite which is a lightweight and much efficient.

And for the Android users connectivity GSM/EDGE, IDEN, CDMA, Bluetooth, etc.

Millions Of Android Apps for Free:

Mostly all of the Android apps are free, and you can easily download from Google Play Store. Google Play Store is an android store by the Google where you can get all of the paid & free apps, games, etc, to download to your smartphone.


Multitasking is a fantastic feature which let us free to do two different work at the same time.

Voice Command:

Voice Command, an interesting feature of android where you can give a command to android phone.

Easy To Upgrade:

Google always update Android in some interval, and you can easily upgrade your previous android version for free in a just single click.

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