Best Approaches To Convert Media To Text


Whether you run a business, manage a remote team, hold an online meeting, you have to make a transcription for any recording. This will improve all the aspects of your activity and will help to get better results.

To create useful materials, we need to conduct several interviews and host some meetings. Moreover, we participate in a lot of conferences and hold different lectures and seminars. Our main goal is to save all the data to provide access to the material at any time.

Besides recording, we also make a transcription for all the media, bost video and audio. This helped us to analyze a lot of interviews more precisely and get the most valuable data.

In the previous week, we met with professional transcribers from They gave us a lot of recommendations for audio to text transcription. We will share all of these tips in several articles. We want to start from the approaches and tools to convert media to text.

Best Approaches To Convert Media To Text

Online Transcription Companies

We were skeptical about online transcription services before meeting experts from since we thought that this work was very easy and we don’t have to spend time on it. Yet they told us about all the peculiarities of the transcription, and we were totally surprised:

  • usually, there are no high-quality recordings without noise;
  • 3 of 5 speakers usually have to bad accent, so you have to catch difficult words;
  • editing and setting timestamps takes at least one hour.

So we understood that online transcription services are very useful for business since they do a massive job for an affordable price. At the same time, they provide guarantees for high-quality results.

Since we have a lot of recorded material, we started to turn to such companies asking them to transcribe audio to text. We cooperate with several services since none of them have enough resources to complete all of our orders. However, every company provides a high-quality transcription service.


Since they revealed all the nuances of transcription to our team, we decided to turn to them first. We send one podcast 2 hours long and 3 interviews, each 1 hour long.

The deadline was 5 days, but they managed to cope with our order within 2 days. Now we place orders almost every day and even get a discount as a regular customer.

We highly appreciate their approach and attentiveness to details. And the most important thing for our team is that never misses deadlines.


Our partners recommended us to turn to Rev when we said that we needed one more reliable transcription service. The recommendation is perfect since now we can send all the lectures to Rev and get high-quality verbatim and intelligent transcriptions.

We love that they analyze the order carefully and ask us to set a new deadline if they understand that it is impossible to cope with a task following our starting requirements. 

Moreover, the Rev customer support team is very polite and always online. The maximum time we had to wait for a response was only 30 seconds.


We turn to this company whenever we need a very urgent transcription. They prefer to use AI only so they can provide you with edited transcriptions fastly and at an affordable price. Otter helps us a lot with short recordings of online meetings and seminars.

Manual Transcription

Many people think that transcription is very easy. We thought of this just before interviewing some experts from If you are still skeptical about online transcription, we recommend you try this on your own.

There are a lot of services and programs that you can use to make manual transcriptions. In some cases, it is even the most effective variant if you have a high-quality recording.

We tried to transcribe some audio and video reviews that lasted for 3 minutes. And it was quite easy. So, if you need a transcription for a single small file, you can do the following:

  1. Use Word or Google docs. This is the cheapest way to do transcription. Just open your recording and write down every word. Then, listen to the recording once more and create timestamps. This approach is not so convenient, but you can do it immediately.
  2. Download desktop programs. They provide a good interface for editing the audio to text transcription and also help to create timestamps. Moreover, they have a lot of hotkeys for managing the pauses of the recording.
  3. Use mobile applications. Mobile screens are not very good for transcribing. However, it is very useful if you need to transcribe a short recording in several minutes. You can cope with transcription even being on a bus.

As soon as you cope with several manual transcriptions, you will understand that this task is very boring and monotonous. However, you will have a valuable experience. You will also understand why you should pay for transcription.

Automated Transcription Software

Talking about audio to text transcription with experts, we asked about automated software. Our main point was that we could use AI and just make the necessary edits after getting automated transcription.

In this case, they gave us 5 short files and asked us to make a transcription. They said that we could get $1000 if we managed to cope with a task within an hour. As you may have guessed, we agreed.

However, we didn’t manage to cope with all of them. The quality was low, and, moreover, there were a lot of noises that didn’t allow the AI to make accurate transcriptions. We were discouraged since we understood that such files could be transcribed correctly only with manual transcription.

Yet, the experts then took their own software and hardware and used an automated approach first. Then, they spent about 30 minutes editing and gave us the final transcription for every recording.

In this case, we understood that automated transcription could be useful only when you are a professional and know some secrets of effective transcription.

However, we asked them to provide a list of top automated transcription software. Here is it:

  • Trint;
  • Happy Scribe;
  • Vocalmatic.

If you want to try it yourself, just download one of the programs and challenge yourself.


There are a lot of approaches to make audio to text transcription. In some cases, you can easily cope with transcribing individually. However, this task is very tiring and needs a lot of attention. So whenever you understand that you can’t cope with transcription individually, turn to professional human transcribers.

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