Top 7 Apps To Help You Study Effectively


Students often rely on their phones in completing their daily tasks, including doing their homework. Yes, our smartphones are our teachers now. There are plenty of great applications that can help children and adults to study better, faster, and more efficiently. However, it can be a challenge to find apps that fit your needs. There are so many options! The market is filled with various propositions. We have picked the 7 best apps to help you study effectively. Check them out and find what meets your needs! 


To study better and more efficiently, you need SelfControl. This app blocks any distractions that the digital world brings us. Too often, we don’t need much more help other than reducing any possible distractions to their minimum. The lack of proper concentration is a common cause of poor studying. We are getting so wired to answer each message, check each notification our smartphones are sending us that we can’t stay focused on something other than our phones for too long. Hence, you can choose as many sites or apps that distract you the most and ask SelfControl to block them for some time. Be sure, you will not have any access to them even if you delete the application. It’s that good. 


To study effectively you need to organize your notes and thoughts. Sometimes, it’s a hard job to do. You can write down some of your notes by hand during the class, type some info on your laptop, make notes about exam dates in your phone calendar. In the end, you can lose all of those notes just because you have no system to organize these stuff properly. Evernote can help you. The app is a perfect place to keep all of your notes. It offers great organization, provides categories, labels, and notebooks for different types of notes. You can also add photos and audio notes. Now, you will never lose any of your materials and can study more effectively.


Editing takes so much time and energy! Many students are guilty of not taking any time to edit their works at all because of how long it usually takes. Well, can fix that for you. It is a grammar checker that can edit your essays for you. It never skips an error and always explains why the suggestions of corrections were made. It feels like you can say it, “can you do my essay?” And it will gladly do it as well. 


If you are studying any foreign language, you must know about Duolingo. This application provides free classes for those who want to study languages. You can study as many languages as you wish. The app is very user-friendly and intuitive. Both children and adults can find it rather fun to use. The studying takes place in form of short simple lessons each on separate rules or themes. 

Dragon Anywhere

Studying effectively means being smart about your time. Studying with Dragon Anywhere can help you achieve that. This application allows taking notes with your voice. The app saves two versions of your notes, as a text and an audio message. Hence, you can return to your notes at any time and use any of these methods to check them out. The app saves your time by taking immediate notes, and by stroking everything you need in one place. Thus, you won’t have to search for those pieces of paper or check multiple apps to see where you have made your note. 

My Study life

Speaking of efficiency, any student needs to keep a calendar of all their exams, deadlines, schedule changes, and other important information. My study life can help you with that. This application is great for students who always feel the pressure of keeping all the essential information in their heads. The app can take all of that responsibility away. Simply put all the dates you need to remember and let the app do the reminders and date tracking for you. 

Google Drive

Students have to deal with a lot of notes, files, and other digital materials such as books and lectures. To keep all those materials in place, you need ways to organize them and storage to keep them. Fortunately, Google Drive can do both. It is a great solution when it’s time to clean up your laptop from all the piled up files. Google Drive is free, though if you need additional space, you should purchase it. However, the initial free storage should be enough for school materials. The application also allows creating numerous folders and works on multiple devices. 

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