7 Of The Best EdTech Tools For Interactive Teaching


EdTech or education technology can be described as the tools and media used to communicate, develop, and exchange knowledge. It is the combination of technology and educational theory & practice to facilitate learning.

Technology is opening up a variety of avenues for teachers all over the world in helping their students grasp and understand concepts better. 

This is especially true in today’s COVID-affected world, where online learning has become the new normal. Students and teachers everywhere have adjusted to the massive change from offline to online learning. It has been a challenging but rewarding change, as educators have learned to make use of modern and innovative EdTech tools. 

7 Of The Best EdTech Tools For Interactive Teaching

Upgrade your Classroom with These EdTech Solutions

Teachers have used diverse methods to ensure students are stimulated to study better and have an enriching learning experience. There are many online tools that make learning easier for students. You can use a plagiarism free essay writing service, a digital portfolio, a lab simulation platform, and many others for an interactive classroom experience. 

In this article, we will list 7 such EdTech tools used by educators for interactive teaching. 

1. Kahoot

Kahoot is a game-based learning platform that a lot of students and teachers love. It is one of the many impressive EdTech tools used by educators to create an interactive atmosphere for children to learn in.

Teachers create interesting questionnaires and quizzes and host them for a whole classroom. The bright and colorful interface of the website makes it appealing for kids. Kahoot guarantees high levels of responsiveness, energy, and competition in a classroom when morale is low and is often used by teachers to excite students into learning. 

2. Labster

Engineered to provide science students with virtual lab settings, Labster is an innovative EdTech tool that has been taking the world by storm. An online lab simulation software is extremely useful, especially during a time of online learning.

The platform provides STEM and PhET students with lab simulations for subjects within biology, chemistry, physics, and more. 

Their immersive, 3D science simulations provide students belonging to different age groups with an engaging and interactive environment to learn and study in. Among other methods, Labster uses gamification and storytelling to ease inexperienced students into the lab. 

3. Seesaw

Seesaw is a well-developed digital portfolio where students can display their skills and knowledge making use of the platform’s various features. Using multimedia like photos, video, audio, and more, students get to share ideas and concepts with teachers, parents, and classmates.

This creates meaningful engagement and gives students the opportunity to get feedback that will help them improve. Parents get to communicate with teachers and get an insight into their children’s performance on the platform as well.

4. MindMeister

MindMeister is an online mind-mapping software that allows students to visualize and communicate ideas effectively. Planning a project starts with jotting down initial ideas and developing them with time. Mind-mapping is an important step that helps students understand a concept and convey it effectively.

On MindMeister, a student can brainstorm, take notes, and conceptualize ideas using the mind map feature. This is especially useful for group projects where collaboration is needed, as all mind maps can be accessed through the platform’s online website. One can create informative, attention-grabbing presentations on the platform and broadcast or send them as required.

5. Floop

Another online teaching tool that empowers students and creates an interactive learning environment, Floop allows for effective communication and growth. It is a platform where students can interact with their teachers and get all their queries answered in a single place.

It allows for individual attention, as educators can take the time to answer common questions and focus on a particular student. This way, it encourages customized learning that benefits each student in a classroom. Floop develops communication and interpersonal skills and boosts confidence in young children.

6. Parlay

A brilliant software used to conduct in-depth discussions on diverse topics, Parlay provides students with resources to educate themselves. The Parlay Universe is a library comprising discussion topics compiled by teachers around the world.

The Online and Live RoundTable features let students join in on discussions and participate. This creates an interactive atmosphere for young minds to learn and develop thoughts in.

Parlay encourages students to question things and answer those questions on their own. It helps them deepen their learning and become smart and complex thinkers. 

7. Google Expeditions and Virtual Tours

An article about interactive EdTech tools would be incomplete without Google Expeditions and Virtual Tour. These platforms by Google allow students to be transported to museums, monuments, exhibitions, and other educational places.

All they have to do is log in to their Google accounts with their classmates and take a virtual trip. 

It isn’t the same as physically visiting these places but is still an extremely engaging experience that leaves students with knowledge and exposure. These platforms bring history to life and allow students to visit places from across the world, all with a laptop and an internet connection.

Embracing EdTech Tools

EdTech has come a long way in the last decade. Teaching is no longer limited to a physical classroom with a blackboard and notebooks. We now have knowledge of and access to tools that have made education so much more interactive and engaging to students. Teaching using education technology is the best way to ensure a fulfilling and well-rounded education.

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