Best Meme Generators to Help You Create the Perfect Meme


It can be a difficult task to find the perfect meme generator app. The main reason is there are tons of meme generator applications in the market, and most of them may fail to deliver ideal results. You must understand that memes are awesome things that are extensively used. They are useful and humorous, implying that you must have a good meme generator app. Memes are among those things that pop up and go down all the time. In this piece of writing, we will talk about some meme generator apps that have been around for quite some time. So, let us delve into it.

Best Meme Generators 2020

GATM Meme Generator

It is one of the handful of meme creator applications with semi-frequent updates. By default, it has a decent collection of gallery images, although users can also use their images. The app does not have any watermarks, features recent meme templates, and provides relatively decent stability. It is often subjected to periodical redesign, although most of its functionality remains intact. The free version of this app contains ads, whereas the pro version will cost you $1.95 and is ad-free. Through this application, you can produce plenty of good memes, which goes to explain its presence in the market for quite some time now. nomini kaszinó online


This application has been going around for quite some time, and it easily qualifies to be featured among the older meme generator apps. In short, it contains all the unusual stuff, which is a blend of new and old memes. When it comes to getting the basics of meme generation right, this application turns out to be very useful. Yet, it does not mean any lack of value-added features. All you need to do is surf some good memes and then make your own. You may see some obnoxious ads and experience app crashes frequently. Apart from these drawbacks, the application is quite good.

Meme Generator by ZomboDroid

It is one of the best meme generator applications in the market, and it proves to be quite useful. If you are a new-bee, then you can use its paid version that does not contain any ads. It is indeed, very refreshing. The application has around a thousand meme templates. It also renders the ability to make your memes, search categories, and look for frequent updates containing new memes and more. 

Meme Generator

It is one of the most used meme creation tools around. You could attribute it to the presence of an easy meme captioning process. Moreover, the categorization of memes and their display is awesome. It has a social dimension as users can vote up or down on the created memes. On the downside, the website is loaded with ads, which can become annoying when you are creating a meme. sportfogadás org Moreover, some of the functionalities are covered with banners. All the created memes contain the URL of the website, which can be discouraging.

Meme Maker

Another website that lets you do the simple job of collating a wide assortment of popular meme images. It gives you the liberty of adding several images as per your liking instead of restricting you to just two. The categorization of memes is quite useful in finding the latest additions and even the most viewed. It will be a false claim to call its interface user friendly, and the design of the website is basic. sportfogadás fórum Moreover, it does not contain any social options, which does not support its cause either. It can be difficult to spend time on this website, and you will always feel like moving on.  


Imgur comes with several built-in pictures through which you can make memes almost instantly. You will find this website better than most of the other online and offline meme generators available in the market. It renders ease of use and selects your default image background. The website also provides you with the option to edit it.

Putting aside its ease of use and plethora of features, it still has some disadvantages that one cannot ignore. You have to register on the Imgur website for submitting your memes to the community and social media. 


It will be wrong to think that meme creation is restricted to the browser tools only. With IMeme, you can create and share memes through the desktop application. There are more than hundreds of popular templates, which will let you upload on the web, get a print from the app, or save it on your device. One of the downsides of this website is that it does not give you the provision of sharing your memes on Facebook or Twitter.


It falls in the category of a decent meme generator. Like its other counterparts, this one too possesses a rich collection of meme templates that include the recent memes and the classic ones. There is a provision of incorporating your own photos and producing a meme from them. Overall, it makes up for all of the deficiencies in the free meme pictures library of InVideo. The user interface of this application is quite simple, and it should be enough for most people to use. 

It is another popular and widely used online application. To use this website, there is no need to sign up. You can create memes for free right from the word go. The website is easy to use and has a powerful engine that will help you look for relevant pictures. You can create memes from the images provided on the website or use a custom image of your choice. On the downside, the website does not allow you to customize the text color, size, and location, implying that the default setting bounds you.


If you wish to create image-based internet memes, you do not have to scratch your head looking for a meme maker. The websites and applications provided in this article will let you create outstanding memes right from the word go. If you wish to share or create your memes, then it will be worthwhile to consider the options given here.          


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