Best Movie Ticket Services Of 2018 & 2019


Here we are reviewing the best movies ticket subscription service of 2018 & 2019 which can help you to watch movies at a cheap rate.

Going to the theatre for watching a movie is one of the best pastime and entertainment. Even some peoples are crazy about the movies watching.

If you buy a movie ticket subscription then you can save a lot on the movies ticket cost. Due to the high price of the movies tickets, many of us avoid going to the theatre so some theatre chain started offering monthly movies subscription where you can watch movies at a cheap rate.

All the service providers do not allow to watch one movie daily, it differs from one service provider to other. Below is the list of the best Movie subscription Services for the year.

These subscriptions differ from the one cinema theatre chain to other, you just need to buy a monthly subscription plan or subscription where you will get access to watch one movie a day for a month.

Best Movie Ticket Services


Moviepass is an American online service for the movies ticketing which works across the cities of united states. It was founded by the Stacy Spikes and Hamet Watt on 2011. If you…

AMC Theatres

AMC Theatres which means American Multi-Cinema Theatre, also in some countries users refer it to the AMC cinema which was founded on the 2 January 1920 by the Edward…


Sinemia a subscription-based movies ticking service for the movies lovers who never want to miss any of their favorite films. Sinemia was founded by the Rıfat Oğuz in 2014, and…

Cinemark Movieclub

Cinemark Movieclub is not like Moviepass or Sinemia where you can buy one pass to watch one movie per day. Cinemark Movieclub is for the those who are frequent…

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