Best Successfully Funded Innovations Of 2020 On Kickstarter


Here in this post we are going to tell you about best Innovations of 2020 in field of technology, environmental control, electronics, lifestyle etc. Innovations always helps peoples solving their daily life’s small and big problems. These are the top pics products of 2020 on Kickstarter, you must see & buy these crazy Innovations of the year to make your living advanced and smart.

Bangle.js: the hackable Smartwatch


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Bangle.js is a hackable smartwatch that allows you to install a new application from the online or also you can create using JavaScript or a graphical language. A single web browser is all you required to upload the application on your Bangle.js waterproof watch.


  • Monitor Heart-rate
  • 3 Axis Accelerometer
  • Piezo speaker and Vibration motor
  • A battery of 350mAh along with week standby time

Geeek Club: DIY Robotics Kit


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Mug up hardware and electrical engineering skills while constructing fun tiny, amazing and entertaining Robots with Geeek Club DIY robotic kit. It is the perfect way to start working on inventor skills.  This kit contains seven minor robots, complete as pop out PCB boards with all the modules necessary to transform the kit into an interactive robot using a tiny welding and basic “electrical engineering skills. 

Pokit PRO | All-in-one multimeter, oscilloscope And Logger


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Pokit PRO is the latest electronic measurement device launched by the company on the 22nd of October 2019. Pokit measures, show and logs a varied range of parameters counting voltage, current, resistance and temperature. It also offers endurance and diode checker. Pokit is perfect for small voltage electronics, automotive applications, home robotics and more. 

Kamibot Pi: Coding With A STEM Toy Robot Through Storytellng


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Kamibot Pi is a perfect method for you children to take their first steps into the world of coding. It is a creative coding robot that can help to teach your child coding step-by-step via fun activities defined in the prospectus. Kamibot Pi is a fun and simple mode to mug up efficient coding.

iMicro C – a Versatile Fingertip Microscope for Any Phone


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IMicro C is a small, lightweight, simple to use and multipurpose fingertip Microscope. Which is compatible with any mobile phone camera. It is quite handy with working long-distance also available at affordable rates. 


  • Incredible Resolution power 
  • Easy to use  
  • Lightweight and easy to carry 
  • Easy to focus 

Magware – Magnetic Flatware


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Magware is the perfect solution for the biggest problem of the planet which is plastic. Every year billions of tons of plastic dumped into the oceans which polluting the environment on a great level. Magware is the set of modular cutlery that stick together with a powerful magnet. It is the complete set of fork, knife, and a spoon of various colors.

Unocup – The No-lid Foldable Paper Cup


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Unocup is the latest paper coffee cup that swaps plastic lids, and makes a contribution to the improvement of Earth with cleaner oceans.” Unocup doesn’t have a separate lid but in its place has a top that can be folded closed. It uses a well-tested out-and-out folding design to make its own lid as an integrated top. 

GoSun Flatware: Portable Utensils


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GoSun Flatware is the recyclable and eco-friendly utensils that can fit in your wallet, purse or in pocket easily. Flatware substitutes single-use plastic utensils. It’s the only recyclable utensil set that can, in fact, fit into the wallet. This set includes the reusable spoon, reusable fork, protective case and 6× awareness Cards. 

GULU Made | A Backpack With Impact


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GULU Made is the perfect daily use bag with high design. It has everything required in a daily use bag which is slick design, easy to carry things, comfortable pockets and more. The one thing which makes it special that this bag has a backstory. It had made in Uganda by the two Kony’s war survivors. 

The Daily Habit Board


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The Daily Habit Board helps you to remind your goals and inspire you to achieve something in life. A visual reminder can help to track your gold and helps to track your most essential goal. It is the simplest, effortless and offline method to keep an eye on your habits and goals. 

Rubber Band Minigun


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A perfect weapon for playing and indoor activity. Rubber band minigun is fully automatic built according to the Gatling Gun Principle. The frame of this minimum is made from woodcuts and has consisted of 144 shots of rubber bands. It gives the incredible feeling of real-time shooting without harming anyone. It comes in two colors wooden and black.  

The Writer Pen


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A pen is a powerful weapon to express words and if it meets with the latest technology, it can do wonders. The writer pen comes with a handmade, stunning, over-engineered pen with incredible features. It is made of aluminum and stainless steel that gives the shining look to this pen.

SWICK Board 2.0: WiFi Speaker Housed in Upcycled Surfboard


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SWICK Board 2.0 is an original, custom made, highly reliable surfboard with Wi-Fi speakers. This board is design with cutting-edge engineering which allows users the sustainability. It is made with fiberglass polyurethane and polyurethane foam. The in-built speaker gives a great sound with clarity and gets easily connects with WI-Fi, Sonos application.

Infinity Cable


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Cables can be very messy to handle trapping in it and damaging things now a thing of the past. Infinity cables is one solution for all your devices. It supports almost every device such as 100W PD Charge, QC3.0/4.0 & Data Transfer for Apple & Android. Just a single cable for Phones, Tablets, USB-C Laptops & MacBook Pro.

SWIMN S1: Powered Kickboard for Swimming Faster


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SWIMN S1 is an Incredible motorized swimming Kickboard with a great built-in motor that helps you swim. With SWIMN S1, you can swim faster and enjoy the swimming at fullest. It is very helpful for beginners, the one who wants to improve the speed of swimming and also helpful if you get tired during swimming.  

Go-Tog: A Collaboration Tool For Remote Areas


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Go-Tag is a cooperation tool for remote areas. It shows your associates on a map. You can locate 10 people within 3 km range. Its long-lasting battery gives you 5 days on a single charge. It is perfect and must use the device for an adventure trip. Also, works even without the network.

Pro Charger: The Powerbank Of The Future


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Pro charger is the future of wireless power banks. It provides the 10000 mah power to your device. It has features like fast charging, waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, supports the fast charging and compatible with every device. You can charge up to 3 devices at the same time with Pro charger. 

The Toy Collector: DAYBIRDS


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Daybirds- the wooden collector toy car for your children’s. Compact and stylish two cars one is with stunning sleek Scarlet Red Racer, with a muted but fiery livery. The second one is a waterbird which gives the feeling of a vintage racing car. It has a metal wing and rims with the same color. Its woodworking, label painting, and design are quite attractive.   

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