Best Travel Inventions Of 2020 That Will Change Your Travel Experience Forever


We all love traveling, it is in the air. But traveling is not as easy as it looks. That is why always around the world peoples are coming with new inventions to make our travel experience better. So here in this post we are adding some cool travel inventions of 2020 That Will Change Your Travel Experience Forever.

Technology and innovations always helps us to make our life more comfortable & better. By adding these travel gadgets of 2020 to your journey you can reduce stress & enjoy more.

ABFOCE: Ultra Foldable Solar Panel & Wireless Charger Kit


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The ABFOCE is an exceptionally portable size solar recharging kit and ultra-foldable solar pane. It consists of 4-Fold panel packable in a box, 10000mAh detachable wireless USB charger which supports QC3.0, PD3.0 and fast charging protocols and LED display. Simply, it’s a compact portable size handy kit which is liquid, dust, and scratch-free. 

First Mate’s Flint by Oceanus Brass


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A smaller lighter with extraordinary design and made of brass. It is a solid, refillable and long-lasting product. It has a unique, classic yet modern design which makes it handy and easy to carry. Moreover, it a waterproof, windproof, easy to refill and a bow-shackle makes it helpful to carry anywhere. 

Air Deck 3.0 – Cool Playing Cards For Travelers


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While traveling with friends or on vacation playing card is one of the oldest games which humans are playing from ancient times. Air Deck 3.0 offers you to play the same old game in a modern way. These playing cards are waterproof, compact, lightweight and come in 5 designs with 52 cards and 2 jokers. 

HyperJuice: World's First & Smallest 100W GaN USB-C Charger

HyperJuice: World’s First & Smallest 100W GaN USB-C Charger


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HyperJuice is one of it is kind and world smallest 100 Gan chargers. This credit card size charger has 4 high power charging points. You can easily charge 4 devices in a single go. It has a foldable wall plug which saves you from messy cables. You can easily carry it on office, travel and other places. 

OneMo: The High-End, Affordable Camera Bag


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OneMo takes the camera bags to a different level, it is very innovating and affordable in price. It allows you to take your drone, gimbal and all other stuff related to the camera on the journey or anyplace. It has foldaway compartments, easy side opening, rain resistance and special pockets for a battery. 

FLECTR CLIP | Your Ultimate Protector In The Darkness


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The magnetic Flectr CLIP is a little machine that makes you visible everywhere. You can clip it to your bike, bag or on clothes. It comes in three designs color such as fluorescent lime green or orange, back: silver. Moreover, its destruction proof quality allows it to use for a long time. Over 14000 bikers recommend this to use.

One80Pouch, No Pocket Solution For Cards, Phone And Passport


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One80Pouch is the tiniest solution for your no pocket problems. It allows you to carry cards, phone and even passport. This versatile, minimal, comfortable, secure, functional and convenient solution comes in four different colors and sizes. It is very easy to handle you can carry it on belt, waist and on the belt sleeves.

DIVEROID | Turn Your Smartphone Into An All-In-One Dive Gear


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Buying a diving device can be heavy for your pockets. Diveroid comes with the all in one solution. You can turn your smartphone into a dive computer, camera and more with the Diveroid. It connects to the phone via Bluetooth. Through the DIVEROID App, you can use the Dive computer, Compass, Camera and the logbook activities with your phone.

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