Pictures and Photo Tiles: Top 10 Best Wall Décor Ideas for Living Room


When it comes to home décor, the walls are the first place where people want to put decorations. Hence, wall décor is one of the most important parts of a home interior. The living room is a place that people like to decorate the most since this is the place where they spend a lot of the time with their loved ones. If you are looking for ideas on how you can beautify your living room, you should definitely try to use pictures. Here is a list of the top 10 ways in which you can decorate your living room with pictures, paintings, and photos.

10 Best Wall Décor Ideas

Gallery Wall Décor

The first on our list is the gallery-style Canvas Photo Tiles. If you have an empty wall in your home and you want it to look attractive, then try out the gallery-style wall décor. As it is done in the art galleries, you have to place the paintings or photos in a particular order so that it looks professional. Depending on the size of the wall, the paintings should be placed at a certain height so that the watchers do not have to move their head to look at the artwork. Spacing is also very important in gallery-style wall décor.

Hanging Picture Frames

We have seen people drilling holes and then fixing the picture frames in them. However, it is best if you attach a metal string to the photo frame and hang it on the wall rather than just fixing it. You can take a metal bar and attach the strings to it. The strings can be of different sizes to make a contrast with the pictures. This arrangement will look very good on wide empty walls.

Wall Decals

The wall decals are another product that is pretty popular among the people who want to have some cost-effective photo tiles online. You can stick the decals on your walls and shape them in different patterns. You can create a nice freestyle art piece with the help of these decals, and your home will look vibrant.

Memo Boards

The memo boards are the perfect décor solution for any room where you spend a lot of time. You can install memo boardsof different sizes. Buy somechalkboards or made your own memo boars from wood, jute, or any other material. Draw a calendar on it or use it as an area where you can write some important things that you need to.

Large Frames Wall Décor

Some people like grand decorations. Hence,they need large frames. Although it is really difficult to find a large frame, it can look really good if displayed properly. You need to measure the height of the wall before fixing the Wallpics Canvas Photo Tiles. Make sure that the frame is at the center of the wall and there is no furniture directly ahead of it. If you are putting a large painting, it should be the only accent inthe room.

Cornered Picture Wall Décor

The corners are the places that mostof the people ignore, but the corners still have a lot of décor potential. You can take some framed pictures and place them on both walls of the corner.You can also use a corner shelfto place some paintings or framed photos.

Framed Drawing Wall Décor

The framed drawings are another amazing wall décor idea that you can use in your home. Most of the times the art pieces that people put up are colored; however, the sketches made with pencils or charcoals can also make your home look elegant.

Black and White Photographs

The black and white photographs of people, scenery, or animals can enhance the look of any room. If youhave a black and white interior or if you want to add some subtle art to the room where most of the pieces are loud, you can use the black and white pictures.

Photo Collage Wall Décor

If you are looking for some fresh way to arrange your pictures, you can go for the photo collage. A large collage can be put up in the living room or the bedroom. If you put your pictures on the wall, it gives your home warmth and coziness.To make a truly amazing collage, you may opt for Canvas Photo Tiles online. These are the stylish-looking pictures that don’t need frames which makes them easier to arrange and put together. With Wallpics, you can create an amazing photo-wall, collage, or pattern. The best thing about Wallpics is that they are stickable, so you can easily place them on the walls or take them off when necessary.

Framed Prints

Most people do not know that framed prints can do wonders for their homes. Select a print that you love and get it framed. You can fill a wall with this framedprints instead of putting up wallpaper.

The kinds of pictures you like say a lot about you and your choices wall photo tiles. Hence, the pictures that you put up on your walls determine the type of the person you are. Still, make sure that you choose the pictures you really like. Additionally, keep in mind that your art pieces should always be put up in symmetry. Always leave some space between two art pieces and don’t forget to measure the height of the wall before buying an art piece for it. With these small things in mind, you can make your living room stand out with pictures, paintings, and photos.

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