Cardcast Review: All You Need To Know About Cardcast The Party Game


When it comes to get a party really started and going, there cannot be anything better than card games and beer pong. Although, the latter may turn intense from time to time whereas card games on the other hand are always pleasing and widely appealing to the majority gathered in a party.

But then again, it depends on the number of people gathered for a party or type of party you or your friends are really throwing.

Hence, if it is a small or medium house party you or your friends are throwing up, then bringing out a party card game for running the show can always prove to be a good idea.

Cardcast Review

So, What Is “Cardcast”?

Well, the prefix of the name says it all so there is not much to say about that. However, if you are thinking of this game to be the same as any other typical card games then I will have to say that you are partially correct and partially wrong. 

So why is that?

This is where the latter part of the name comes in. When we are talking about “cast”, in digital terms, it usually means projecting on a screen.

So, what if I say now you can cast your card game over a TV or plasma screen. Sounds cool right? Well here I can assure you that it is actually as fun and cool to play too as it sounds.

Thus, there is the part where I explain the name of the game. Next let us have a look at how the game is actually played so that you understand the whole game in a nutshell.

How To Play Cardcast?

To put it in the simplest of form, Cardcast is nothing else but a synonym of the most popular and widely played card game, “Card Against Humanity”.

So, if you are aware of the rules and regulations on how to play Card Against Humanity, then playing and getting used to Cardcast should definitely feel easy as eating a pie. It is nothing more but a replica of Card Against Humanity over a digital medium. 

Anyways, for those of you who are not very familiar with Card Against Humanity, just a simple and short walk through the game should be good enough to understand the playing principle behind Cardcast as well. 

The Deck

Like any other card games, Card Against Humanity & Cardcast too have a huge deck. One set comprises of black coloured cards called Call cards, whereas the other set consist of white coloured cards called the Response Cards.

Here usually the number of Response cards may always be greater than the Call cards for obvious reasons which will get clear further down as we go on reading.

The Call Cards

Well these cards are usually pulled out by the player who is made the judge of the game for a particular turn. Here the post of the judge is always shifted from one person to the other in a serial manner for each turn the game is played.

The duty of the judge is to pull up a Call card from the deck and say out loud what ever is printed out on the card. E.g. My first kiss was embarrassing because _______________________________.

The Response Cards

Now once, the Call card has been read out loud. Then the rest of the players who usually hold around 10 cards each may choose one answer or response from their respective deck and may slide it towards the judge face down.

Here, the response card needs to be something which is usually funny so that once the judge picks up all the response cards for that round may choose the funniest response and grants the responder of that card with an “awesome point”. A fine Example would be something like – My first kiss was embarrassing because “I pooped in my pants and ran away”.

Thus, Cardcast is just like playing Card Against Humanity, just not with physical cards but with a big screen and the required number of mobile devices for the number of players playing the game.

All you need to do is install the Cardcast app onto your iOS and Android devices. Then with the help of “Chromecast”, play the game on the big screen.

NOTE: While playing the game over the Cardcast app, the number of players who can play the game together is limited to only 10 players. However, if there are a greater number of players. One can simply build their own custom decks at the Cardcast deck builder website and print them out as per your convenience. This way you can print out as many cards as you want and accordingly get as many players as you want to involved in a single game.

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