Tips For Passing The CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Exam


The CompTIA Network+ credential is an entry level certification. It focuses on major fundamentals and elements of networking, including installing, troubleshooting, and maintaining basic networks. The Network+ exam takes about 90 minutes and the test contains a mixture of performance based and multiple choice questions. You can expect about 100 questions during the exam. To pass the certification and earn your credential, you need to score a minimum of 720 marks, which is roughly 80% of the total questions. It is important to mention that the exam is not such a difficult one, especially if you prepare well before attempting it. This does not mean candidates don’t fail the exam but with the right preparation and following expert tips, you can pass it without any issue. In this certification guide, we will look at the tips that will help you in your preparation and for better performance and good results.

Preparation Tips

  • Use Official Preparation Source

There is no way you can go wrong with official resources. Before you start your study and preparation, visit the CompTIA Network+ Certification website to learn about the details of the exam. The site provides an extensive overview of everything about the exam, ranging from the exam objectives, sample questions, to a trial version of Cert Master. The resource tool utilizes the current scientific tricks and findings to enhance your learning process and help you retain and remember a large part of information you have gathered about the exam. Ensure you read the exam objectives carefully before you proceed to start your study. The exam objectives detail the scope of contents you need to study to be duly prepared for the certification exam.

Take Preparation Courses

This is very crucial to your preparation. There are many online platforms that offer training courses on CompTIA Network+ certification exam. You don’t have to enrol for a course that is expensive. There are many sites that offer courses at a very low price and there are some others that offer it for free. By taking a preparation training course, you will be able to cover the details of Network Security and Network Technologies. The training courses will help you understand how to interpret graphs and illustrations to support your learning.

  • Read Resource Books on CompTIA Network+

There are many resource books that you can study in preparation for your exam. One of such books is Mike Meyers’ resource book. The author is a best seller of certification books on CompTIA. You can check through his Network+ Certification Passport and Network+ Certification All-in-One Certification Guide. These books will help you cover every aspect of the exam content and get you ready for success in your exam.

  • Test your skills and Knowledge with Practice Questions

After you might have covered the exam content, the next step is to test your knowledge about what you have learnt. There are various practice tests available online that you can use to evaluate your knowledge. It is very crucial that you take as many practice tests as you can during your preparation to ensure you mastered the exam answering skills needed to succeed at your exam. Take the official practice tests and many other you might come across through online platforms. While taking practice questions, also ensure you practice carrying out binary math calculations. This will help you greatly while answering exam questions on IP addresses.

Exam Tips

  • Read the exam questions carefully

It is important that you pay close attention to the pattern of the questions. For some exam questions, you might be given options that solve a somewhat different question than the question asked. It is therefore important that you understand the exam question before you attempt to answer it.

  • Read the Answer Carefully

You must read the answers very carefully before answering a question. There are different types of answers and you need to be able to identify them. Below are some options of answers you need to be careful of:

  • Options that look correct but not technically correct.
  • Options that are close acronyms of common terms, e.gOS1 instead of OS2.
  • Options that recommend a total overall approach, that is, discard every old machine, or upgrade every machine.
  • The approach of Elimination works well

When you have single answer choice question, this approach is critically important. In cases where you don’t understand the subject of discourse of an exam question, you can go ahead to eliminate options that really don’t make sense. This will increase your chance of getting the answer right if you make a guess. In the best case scenario, you will be able to eliminate every wrong answer and be left with the correct answer

  • If you feel a question is wrong, you are definitely in the wrong

In the course of the exam, you might come across a question that seems incorrect. If this happens to you, pause and think twice. Remember, the exam questions have been prepared by seasoned professionals and verified before making its way to your exam testing center. Therefore, the probability of you not understanding the question is greater than the question being the wrong one. The only thing you can do if you come across such question is to look at it again and try to understand it better. Give it your best and hope for the best.

  • Answer the easiest Questions First

You can always come back to difficult questions, so make the best of your time and answer the easy questions first. Do not spend the whole time trying to solve difficult questions. Go through the questions and answer the ones you know and come back to the difficult ones. If you stay with the difficult ones until you find the answers, you might end up not being able to answer the easy ones that can boost your scores at the end of the exam.


Follow the tips highlighted in this guide and you will increase your chance of passing Network+ N10-007 exam at your first attempt.

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