Are You Having A Smart Home? Then You Must See These Crazy Inventions Of 2019


1. Subpod

Subpod is a very revolutionary product to encourage the greenery, Subpod helps you to turn your food waste into healthy food. With the Subpod, you can simply turn your food waste into compost and grow healthy food to your home. Its composition system works under the ground, as a result, it grows healthy food.

  • How It Work
  • Open the Subpod
  • Remove the blanket
  • Add all the Food waste To Subpod
  • Add some dry carbon (paper)
  • Mix it for some time

2. QiPatch

Are you fed up with your charging cable, because it always disturbs you while playing the game. Then you must try the QiPatch, it changes your charging cable into a wireless charger. It is a small changing pad, which can be fitted to your charging cable so you can charge phones wirelessly. The best thing it allows you for 360-degree movement so you can enjoy games for hours without being disturbed by the charging cable.

How To Use

  • Connect the QiPatch device with your wired charger
  • Enjoy, you can start charging


This product will help in making your summer cool, the best part of the summer is water. In summer we all love to enjoy in the swimming pool for hours. SWIMN S1 will help you to swim, even you do not know swimming. SWIMN 1 is an electric swimming kickboard with easy to use push-to-propel buttons. Designed with quick detachable nozzles, it can also turn into a water gun. The best part of the summer is water, and this product will help make your summer cool.

4. Airbox

“We all want our homes to smell good, but there are so many things which result in bad smell at our home and we do not love them. What’s worse, sometimes these smells can make you sick, such as mold pores, paint chemicals, and cleaning solutions. Airbox is equipped with advanced air purifying technology that will help you destroy harmful air pollutants and combat bad smells.


  • Eco friendly washable filter
  • PCO with ionizer for dual purification
  • Super portable size that can fit in your pocket”

5. Kamibot Pi

Kamibot Pi is for your children with the device you can train your children smart while playing. It helps to learn by coding. It plays games like soccer, maze, race, draw, and many other games. It is up to you that you want to give your children a useless or smarter playtime. Kamibot Pi is a paper robot. So with Kamibot Pi your children can develop their creativity and learn functional coding. It is built with an open-source programming interface and your children can build diffrent kinds of papercraft skins.

  • 2 DC motor
  • Changes Its color
  • Ultrasound sensors
  • IR sensors

6. JellyPaw

JellyPaw is a very interactive cat toy to make your cat smart. It helps your cat to be happy and active. It has a very slick design so you can easily hold and use it. It contains jelly buttons, you can use them to create sound and laser. With JellyPaw you exercise your cat’s body and mind which results in their good health and weight loss of your cat.

7. Padbone

Padbone make your indoor cycling more interesting, indoor cycling is very bored but with Padbone holder you can easily place and use your smartphone, tablet or even laptop while exercising on an indoor cycle, so you will not be bored anymore. It is easy to transport and can be easily carried anywhere.

8. PD Power Bank

PD Power Bank is a multi-uses device, it contains a fast PD wireless charger, and 7500 mins portable light lamp. You can set it 40 degrees so you can place the phone to the charger and watch videos while charging.

9. Fave

Fitness is one of the essential things in our life to fit the busy lifestyle of the modern era. To be fit you have to workout daily. Fave is a smart home trainer which trains your body to be more balanced and fit. Fave has a built-in motion sensor and design based on the combination of multiple fitness devices.


PULSE is a smart device which sense and controls things surrounding you. It measures the temperature and noise level. It also measures and tells you things like radiation, electricity consumption and a lot more other things too.

11. SwitchBot Curtain

Make your curtain smart with the SwitchBot Curtain, you can easily install SwitchBot Curtain to your existing curtain to on and off your home curtains with your smartphone or you can use Alexa to give a voice command. 

12. Ebo

Ebo is a smart cat toy, a robot companion of your cat which will protect and train your cat to be more active. With Ebo cam, you can see anytime and anywhere that what your cat is doing at home. So you do not need to worry about your cat when you are not home, your cat will be happy with Ebo.

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