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Name Of Site: Cyanide
Type Of Site: Messaging Service
Category: Social Networking & Chatting
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Cyanide is a platform that brings together people working on software development and helps them learn, share and work together to build software together. Here you can work on different projects that are going on or you can learn about something you want to and work forward from there to build your own. It is world of opportunities in itself.

Alternatives To Cyanide


Cryptocat is an online networking platform where you can chat and interact with your friends. If you think that Cryptocat is like your other online chatting platform then you are completely….


Wire is an official collaboration platform. Teams of people or even collaborators from different projects who are working together to be in touch with each other seamlessly. Wire takes care…..


Jitsi is one of the best platforms that provides video conferencing solutions. They allow you to set up secure video conferences through a set of open-source projects. Jitsi Video…


Jami is a communication platform that is free and is universally accessible. Jami is a platform that preserves the user’s privacy and freedom. It is designed mostly for industry or official….

Chat Secure

Chat Secure is a messaging app that is free and open source. What makes it different is that it features OMEMO Encryption and OTR Encryption over XMPP which makes it interoperable with other…..


Threema is a messaging service that lets you remain totally anonymous. You don’t need to provide your phone number or email address but rather each Threema user is provided a Threema….


Wickr is basically a business communications platform. It has a couple of features that make it easy to control such as device to device encryption, room expiration as well as message expiration. Wickr has….


Off-the-record or OTR is an instant messaging service that allows you to have private and secure conversations. OTR provides encryption which makes sure that your messages are read by no one other….


Bitchat is a messaging service that is provided by Technitium. It provides a secure peer-to-peer interface that works similar to a bit-torrent site which means that there are no servers involved. It provides…


OTR is an instant messaging service that allows you to have private and secure conversations. OTR has the most secure cryptographic protocols which makes sure that your messages…


Peerio is a communication platform to help team members better communicate with each other in a secure manner. Peerio organises all your team data such as chats or files ….


BitMail is a secure email client that is not centralised. It works through peer-to-peer to create secure connections that are not stored on any central servers. You can add your friends….


Kandan is a free and open source platform that lets you create your own private chat servers in order to be perfectly secure. It is used by team members to stay live with each other and facilitate…


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