The Ultimate Guide To Dark Web | Definition, Comparison, Confusions & All Other Factors


If you want to get deal like high-quality drugs, cocaine directly ship to your address with great customer service then there is just one place on the internet which knows as the dark web. It is an anonymous marketplace to deal with illegal stuff.

You can’t visit this dark side of the web with the normal standard browser like chrome, firefox, opera etc because this part is hidden behind the Tor network and that is why it also known as the tor hidden services.

Actually, the Darkweb’s site URL is the string of letters and no which have no meaning and uses the .onion domain extension like .com, .net etc.

As you know it can’t be accessed by the normal browser, it required a special browser named Tor was as a USA army project to exchange information and communicate anonymously without being traced.

But later it gets open source, now anyone can browse this web without giving any clue about the location from where you are accessing. to do this does it encrypt your IP address and then root it by other computers from the world which uses the same software. it is having a clever encryption system, which helps the websites to be shut down.

[alert-note]We don’t want to promote the dark web illegal things and even will advise to not to visit any illegal stuff there.[/alert-note]

First lets ask Google “What is Dark Web”

what is dark web


Dark Web is a hidden part of the “world wide web” which can’t be accessed by any of the standard Search Engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other. To access the content of the dark web you have to use the Tor browser.

Servel of time peoples mistakenly considers dark web and deep web same. But it is wrong, the Dark web is just a small part of the Deep web.

Now two points are clear

  1. Dark Web is the unindex part of World Wide Web which can be only accessed with any specific software or application.
  2. Deep web and dark web are not same, both are separate from each other.

Our entire world wide web is divided into two part,

  1. Surface web
  2. Deep web

deep web vs dark web

Surface web:

It is that part of the web which is indexed with a standard search engine like Google etc.

Example of the surface web: Facebook, YouTube, or other URL address which can be normally accessed with any search engine.

Deep web:

Now comes to the deep web, it is the unindex part of the web, which is not crawled and stored to of any search engine.

Dark Web

Dark web is the one small part of this deep web. Many times people mistakenly use term deep web to refer dark web which is totally wrong.

What we mean with indexed or unindexed part of the web.

To understand this we have to find how a standard search engine work, means a basic behavior of a search engine.

A search Engine works in four steps

  1. Crawling
  2. Indexing
  3. A user search something
  4. the search engine finds that keyword in their database and shows the most relevant results over the search term.

Watch this video to clear your doubts

Crawling: it is a process where application or programming called spider come to your site and fetch all of the content of your site.

Indexing: Here the search engine store the data in their index fetch by the spider

For Example

Suppose a new site comes to the web, for example,, now Google spider will come to any page of the site and start crawling.

To crawl, Google slider uses links, means if there is ten links on the page, it will follow each and every link to crawl the entire site.

Now it is clear how Google bot works,

But how Google finds that any new site comes on the Internet.

Here is the answer, website owners use these things to tell Google spider about their new sites or pae

  • Google Webmaster
  • You can make and submit a sitemap.
  • You can directly fetch your site.
  • Or if your site having some links from other site, so Google bot can follow your site from that link.
  • Or you can use the function “submit URL to Google” option.

Google Webmaster:

google webmaster

it is a free tool provided by Google where you can add your site. Once you successfully add the site to the webmaster, now there are various options you can use to tell Google that this is my new site and you must crawl it.

What is the sitemap:


A sitemap is the XML file or document which contain all of the links of your site, it is the map of your site which tells the slider about your site’s pages.



Fetching it is an option in the webmaster where you have to just submit your “site URL” to tell spider about your site.

Submit URL to Google:

it also works same like fetching in webmasterbut here you don’t need to add your site to any tools, you just need to follow the following steps.

Submit URL to Google

  • Go to Google search bar
  • Search “submit URL to Google” or directly visit this link 
  • Click on this
  • Paste your URL here
  • Submit Captcha
  • Tap submit

Surface Web VS Dark Web VS Deep web

Again we will move to Google to ask what it says to the question “Surface Web VS Dark Web”

surface web vs dark web

Surface web

Surface web this is the most familiar part to the users because you daily pass hours at this part of the web.  Here you daily do lots of things like you watch videos on YouTube, social networking on the various social networking site like Facebook Instagram Snapchat etc.

A surface web can be anything which you can easily access with any typical search engine

Deep web

It is opposite to the surface,

Surface web is that which can be accessed with any standard search engine.

The deep web can be anything which can’t be found with any standard search engine.

Now it is completely clear, that deep web is that part which can’t be crawl and index by the search engine.

But why?

  1. Why search engine unable to crawl that data?
  2. Which type of data it is, that search engine can’t find it.

Here we will tell you most common reasons which stop a search engine to crawl anything.

Here are the some good example to understand the Deep Web

Suppose you want to find your EPFO information, so you will follow these steps

  1. you Google “EPFO”
  2. You get results around your query
  3. You tap on the most suitable result
  4. Now you are on EPFO official site

Now you have to log in to your employees account to access further information which you required. And this data which you will access after login to your employee account called deep web content.

Because your EPFO information is hidden behind your employee account. A search engine can’t craw that content.

Bright planet in their article provided a perfect example to understand the Deep web.

  • Suppose you want to know about hotel details on 15 may in California.
  • So you will search for your query on a search engine or you will directly visit any trusted hostel booking site.
  • Now on the hotel booking site, you will go to search bar and fill your query to find details.

Here is the thing, a search engine can help you to reach out to any hotel booking sites, but can’t provide you the exact information you are seeking for.

This data which is hidden behind the search form of Hotel site is called deep web’s content.

Dark Web,

As it is cleared that surface web is anything which can be accessed by using any standard search engine and the Deep web is anything that can’t be accessed by the search engine.

Now it is time to move to little deeper to find what exactly dark web is.

As we explained before the Dark web is a small part of this deep web which contains all of the illegal activities. This dark web is intentionally hidden, so you can’t find the content of dark web with any standard search engine.

Actually, this part of the web contains all of the services which are illegal like drugs, hitman, arms, granite, human organs etc.

To access this part you have to use the tor browser, it is the only way to access the dark web.

Tor network and tor browser

Now as we tell you that the dark web can be only accessed with the tor network so now we move to the tor,

  1. What makes Tor different from other?
  2. What is special about the tor?

Here we will talk about all the related topics to TOR network.

Tor is a software application which let you communicate with the anonymous connections.

This is how Tor Works

how tor works

Tor is not like others, it is different because of its multiple layers security, which hides the IP address of the user who is accessing the site’s hosts by tor network.

Tor security works like an onion in multiple layers, which makes impossible to find the ip (Internet protocol) and as a result it is much difficult to track the user who is accessing the dark web network.

Every day thousands of people access the Dark web with the help of tor to get the deals like arms, drugs, stone credit cards etc.

Stolen credit cards, drugs are very normal things on the dark web, there you can find a hitman to kill someone, find an expert hacker, live torturing and lot more.

Is using dark web is legal?

No using the dark web is not legal because all of the activities there have no connection with the law.

Using dark web can lead you to a large fine, prison, or embarrassment. Every year people pay billions of dollars fine for using the dark web as well as years of jail.

This is the one of the case of Dark web,

Initially, Forbes published an article on the insider trading and where they mentioned that In between 2008 to 2011 the USA police arrested 83 for using the dark web resources.

Around 80% of the dark web visitors visit search PEDOPHILIA related results.

In an article of the wired, they share about a research by University of Portsmouth computer science researcher Gareth Owen that over 80% of visitors search about PEDOPHILIA on dark web.

First you must know, what PEDOPHILIA means.

In simple language, PEDOPHILIA goes for child abuse.

According to the Wikipedia PEDOPHILIA, it is a psychiatric disorder where an older man experiences sexual activities with prepubescent children.

According to the report, drugs and contraband market are the two most popular categories of this hidden part but the most searched thing on this dark side is child abuse sites.

Study also mentioned that four out of five dark web visitors search for the Pedophilia materials.

The searches of Pedophilia related things are 5 times than other most popular categories like Bitcoin, gambling etc.

Facts about dark web you must know

The deep web is much bigger than the surface web, according to the research, the surface web is only 8 to 10% of the total web, and remaining is still hide inside the deep web.

According to a search made by the University of California in 2001, there are only 1 billion index pages, but in comparison, deep web contains 550 billion.

To have a deal on on the darknet you must have Bitcoin, it is the only way to deal over there. Because Bitcoin protects the identity of both who is paying and who is accepting the payment.

In many countries for the journalist, darknet is the best place for exchanging information.

Not just weapons, drugs, and illegal drugs, here you can also find the child spirits by just paying some Bitcoin to hurt your enemies.

As you know the using darknet is not legal it can result in fine, jail or embarrassment.

But the government is not the only problem, you have to also protect yourself from the hackers, they can hack your system, stole your private information like credit cards details etc.

Future of dark web

As we know using dark is not a legal practice.

so if it is illegal then why it exists? Why is the cybersecurity unable to stop it?
Days by days it is becoming strong, we will ever be able to stop it?

These are the some of the most common questions which arose in our mind that why this kind of things exists?

The government has a very strict law against the darknet but it is impossible to completely shut down it.

The peoples behind the darknet are not normal peoples, they are billionaires and powerful peoples who have money and power both.

Today darknet is the billion dollar business. And cyber police is unable to stop it.

Below are the some of the point which will explain to you why it is hard to the cyber cell the business of darknet.

  • Actually, investigate this darknet market required a huge amount of money & time, and even the success ratio is very low.
  • As we discussed the illegal stuff over the darknet but for your kind information all of the things over there is not illegal. Tor network or tor is also a privacy tool.
  • The dark net market works in Bitcoin which helps to protect the identity of the buyer and seller. It is impossible to trace the payment of Bitcoin.
  • Suppose you go to the darknet to buy drugs. First, you need Bitcoin to make the order. Now the cyber cell cannot find how is behind that payment. Without the evidence, police have no right to take action.
  • if we order something illegal and pay by using our debit, credit or another standard payment method.
  • So this transaction can be easily traced and the police can find your name address and other details. But with Bitcoin, it is not possible.
  • The marketers of the dark web are very smart and they are highly educated about the technology. They better know how to save their identity and manipulate the things.
  • It is vast, according to the research the dark web is much bigger than the standard surface web. So it is not possible to make an organized list of the sites. In lack of the right address, the cyber cell can’t do anything.

I ask a question.

how will you stop onion network?

The darknet is not a single site or place,

Billions of .onion site = darknet

To stop the dark net network the cyber cell has to visit each site manually and have to block one by one. which is impossible

In an answer on Quora one person give a good exmaple,

suppose your work in FBI and you have certain work.

  1. Make an organized list of all of the darknet .Onion sites
  2. Then you have to visit those site one by one and block them

But it is not possible, you gonna die of boredom before finishing your work.

Ok, let’s assume you finished your work and you manually visited billions of site and block them.

But in some days you will find thousands of new sites to the onion network.

Lets get a example of Google to understand in more context.

Daily thousand or more sites blocked by the Google for violating the terms and conditions. But Google can only block that site, it can’t stop the website owner to make new sites.

As you know the Gmail is divided into two parts,

  1. Genuine emails
  2. Spam mail

Gmail spam the commercial and fishing emails to protect their users.

but is it stop spammer to do spamming?

No, they can’t stop the spammer, they can just stop their attack
by blocking them or sending their email to the spam folder.

The same thing applied to the dark web, but there no tools will work, which will analyze, find and then block the illegal sites.

All of the content their is not illegal. Yes, the dark web contains some dangerous website but if you are thinking that all of the content there is illegal then you are wrong.

All of the content over there is not illegal.

Yes, the dark web contains some dangerous website but if you are thinking that all of the content there is illegal then you are wrong.

To understand you must know, “How onion router starts”

The story of its origin

The tor network or tor router is started and grow by the USA military. They started it to exchange and communicate and exchange military information without being traced. (as we tell you some time before.

The origin of the darknet back to 1995 when the brilliant mathematicians started working on the onion routing in the naval research laboratory. Very soon they succeed in their concept and in 1997 it developed with the help of funding & donations of USA military and other sources.

Later it becomes polluted once it becomes open source.

Below are the some of the darknet sites which are legal and useful.

Jotunbane’s Reading Club

This is ebook portal and download site where you can find the original version of the book which is cleaned up.


It is a news portal

Now you will say there are lots of news sites over Google but Flashlight is different, it can let you find news related to Bitcoin, dark web, tor project etc at one place.

Not just news there is one section of the forum over there where you can discuss any topic like privacy, job, looking for a partner or any other query.

They also provide you a list of some very useful links to search on the darknet.

Hidden Answers

If you having a question and you already searched it on the web but didn’t get any great answers so you can try the hidden answer.

It is a place where you can ask questions and other members will answer it. It works same like Quora but the main thing is, there you can find information about some really sensitive topics which can’t be found with the normal web.

The site is having different categories for questions including Some illegal categories like drugs, pornography etc.

If you are one who always wants to know about the new things so this is the place where you can find some interesting information to feed your curiosity.


AnonInbox Let you access private and dedicated email. it is a tor based mailing system.

but what is private email

private email is the email which is completely dedicated to you, no one is going to monitor your emails. For your kind information the standard email accounts like Gmail, Yahoo etc are monitored, nothing is hidden there.

Here the AnonInbox comes, according to they your emails must be private to you. So if you want a private email server for yourself, can easily get by just spending some BTC for a year on the AnonInbox.

AnonInbox, it is not the single private email service over the Tor network, there you can find various of services but if you want to experience the quality of the service then you must go with AnonInbox. it is one of the best private email services over the dark net.

With your plan, you will get

  • encrypted disks
  • daily backups
  • daily erased logfiles
  • Some other security features.

They have also terms and conditions, as well as some guidelines and you have to follow all of that. In case if you do not follow their guidelines, can get banned.

These are the sum of legal content example over The Darknet,. We tell you about all these websites to explain that the dark web is not entirely illegal, there are plenty of useful and legal things to benefit the users.

How to access the dark web from phone

A accessing dark web content on the phone is similar to the desktop, there is not any trick or something else. You just need to download the Tor Browser app to your smartphone and start visiting the Tor network sites.

We will recommend not to visit the illegal stuff over there like porn, drugs, weapons or other illegal things.

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