Dell Precision 5530 Complete Review: Performance You Can Count On


The very first glance of the Dell Precision 5530 tells you that this is one mobile workstation with class. Truly a portable yet powerful workstation, designed solely to achieve the highest performance and functionality. With that being said today in what I believe to be a complete user review of mine, I will try to explain you exactly what my experience has been after using the Dell Precision 5530 for at least 8 good months, which again I believe is just enough time to understand and know a machine better.

What To Expect & What Not To Expect?

Well sorry to disappoint you but this is not the part where I discuss or will be telling you about what to expect and what not to from the Dell Precision 5530 but is actually the part where I just list out what to expect and what not to expect from this user review of mine, just so that everything is clear and you do not keep very high expectations.

Dell Precision 5530 Review

  • This user review is my personal experience with the Dell Precision 5530, so there will be no very sophisticated and techie explanations like which you would find in most tech reviews by high end tech websites. Prior to buying my own very Dell Precision 5530, I too had gone to many websites like most of you would have already done or still doing. Although it did seem quite handy, it did not give me a real understanding of the machine to be honest. However, what actually helped me deciding my buy was a single one to one talk with my friend where he explained his own experience of using his Dell Precision 5530.

And thus, in a very similar way I too have prepared this user review where I will try discussing everything with you from a perception which I believe is what looks like a normal user’s view as I believe that helps more when it comes to making a better decision.

Dell Precision 5530 Product Review


Well undoubtedly, this is the most basic and fundamental thing to let people know when discussing about a gadget or device. So, keeping that norms into consideration I too have just decided to go with the flow and let out all such specifications which come with the Dell Precision 5530.

  • Processor: Intel Xeon E-2176M 
  • Graphics Adapter: NVIDIA Quadro P2000 & Intel UHD Graphics P630
  • Memory type: SSD
  • RAM: 32 GB DDR4-2666
  • Display: 15.6-inch UHD IGZO4 display
  • Weight: 1.98 kg | 4.37 lbs
  • Price: $3500 (USD)

So, these is what the typical specification of Dell Precision 5530 looks like. With that being said, there is always the part where you can always configure the specifications of any machine the way you desire. As long as they support that configuration. Like supposedly, for my Dell Precision 5530, I configured its memory size to 1 GB of HDD instead of the default 512 GB SSD which I would recommend to go for actually if you can do without more space and is more into the performance of the machine. Apart from that there is also the RAM which you can configure accordingly. So, it is up to you how powerful you can turn your workstation to depending upon the limitations set by the machine itself.

Looks And Design

Now this is a topic which I believe is relative in nature and may differ in opinion from person to person. However, since this is my own review, I will try to describe it according to my point of view. 

If I have to talk about the overall design of the Dell Precision 5530. Then I must say that Dell has really done a very good job as the Dell workstation reflects complete sobriety and class in its design. The surfaces and edges come with a well and polished construction and finish which in turn make the mobile workstation really simple yet attractive both from far and near. And the whole laptop body is primarily constructed of really good and premium quality aluminium giving the powerful machine just the glaze it deserves. 

Moreover, the Dell Precision 5530 as of now comes in only two colours of Black and Silver which I would say is pretty cool being that these two colours always look classy and vintage if you ask me. 

Dell Precision 7530 vs Precision 5530

How Does Everything Look And Feel?

Well the Dell Precision 5530 like most typical workstations and laptops have their I/O ports on both sides of the base body. To the right side you have a battery level indicator with an SD Card Reader and a USB 3.1 port whereas to the left you will find the power input port followed by another USB 3.1 port and an HDMI port with a USB-C port as well as an audio jack to plug in your audio devices. 

Again, when we move a little higher up the base, we will find ourselves a very finely constructed chiclet keyboard with backlights making typing over it as pleasing and comfortable when there is light as well as when there is no light. The trackpad too, very similarly looks and feels pretty responsive and comfortable. The length and breadth of the trackpad, I would say goes in just perfect harmony and sync with the overall front base of the laptop with two bezel buttons at the top and one at the bottom. 

Hence, what I thought personally about this laptop is that if you are looking for a simple yet sleek and classy mobile workstation with a firm and rigid body, then the Dell Precision 5530 will surely not disappoint you.

A Vibrant Display

The Dell Precision 5530 model I got for myself came with a 1920 x 1080 panel display which I would say worked like a charm for me and still working like a charm. However, if you are someone who is more into visuals and is concerned with the very best of qualities when it comes to display, then my advice to you would be to spend an extra 325 USD and get yourself the 4k display touch panel which is both a pleasure to the eyes as well as touch.

Performance You Can Count On

When it comes to performance, the Dell Precision 5530 just takes it all away. Since the workstation comes equipped with a powerful Intel Xeon E-2176M processor, it is quite obvious to assume that this machine has got almost everything it takes to process even the most difficult of tasks without sweating a sweat. 

Being an animator, I personally do a lot of heavy works like opening up multiple high-end programs as well as running 2 to 3 rendering tasks at the same time. But, till date the machine has always worked smoothly and given me absolutely no problem when it taking care of all heavy works at a single go. Also, since it is equipped with a dedicated NVIDIA Quadro and an Intel UHD GPU, working with high graphical works like Adobo Dream Weaver and Illustrator is something which you are sure to enjoy.

Speakers Not Really Meant To Be ‘Loud’

The only little thing I guess Dell did not take into much consideration is the workstation’s speaker performance or maybe they just simply did not want to spend any more extra on it to make it cut the budget. Still, I would not have mind a little better speaker for I had to pay for my machine. The issue I had with my system was just that it was not loud enough for me. Otherwise, the overall quality of audio is not at all bad. I guess than again not being loud covers up for the audio quality, the system has to offer. 

Battery Life Is Something You Can’t Complain 

Overall, I would say the Battery Backup I got back from my machine was more than I was expecting. Usually, I would open up multiple small applications and along with that the usual browsing and music on the background game me a somewhat battery backup of around 8 to 10 hrs. Which I would say is actually really good for a workstation. But then again battery backup and usage are also relative from person to person’s usage and even at times the machine config. Hence, I will not be able to say exactly how much your machine could do for you. Still, if it comes to comparison between different machines, I would say the Dell Precision 5530 stand among the top guns in terms of battery life and backup.

Camera Got Placed At The Bottom

I personally am not at all impressed with the placement of the camera in the Del Precision 5530. I just don’t like it when the camera is not at level with my eye and is somewhere at the bottom. Maybe it gives good angles or colouring contrast, I am sure Dell too will have their reasons. Still, when it comes to my opinion as a user. I would any day happily go for the camera at the top instead of the bottom. Apart from all that the picture quality that the camera has to offer is not at all bad and really impressive to be honest. So, I guess no one should have much issues when it comes to the performance and quality of the web cam.

Not too Pricy But Pricy

Well the initial model will cost you around $1984 USD which I would say will get most of the jobs done without any issue. However, if you are looking for more upgraded version with the 4k touch screen panel and higher RAM and storage memory than you depending upon the different higher configs you might have to pay up to $4500 USD. That is just how far it goes and revolves around when it comes to the pricing of the Dell Precision 5530.

My Verdict

Like any typical gadget review I too have decided to give a final verdict to the Dell Precision 5530 and my experience with it. Overall, I would say I am quite delighted with the Dell Precision 5530 when it comes to performance and processing. I loved the loud yet subtle premium design and looks of it as well as found the 4k touch Display to be a bomb. However, the only few things that didn’t catch my attention was the loudness of the speaker and the placement of the camera. Apart from that I have no other complains when it comes to my experience with the mobile workstation. So, personally I am quite very happy and pleased with my Dell Precision workstation and without any hesitation would recommend this beast to anyone who desires performance and class in his or her workstations. 

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