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  • DeviantArt


Site Name: DeviantArt
Type Of Site: Art related social networking
Founded By: Angelo Sotira, Scott Jarkoff, Matthew Stephens and some others
Founded On: August 7, 2000
Current owner: Wix

DeviantArt is the largest online community for the art creators & lovers to find some great art and videography work. DeviantArt is currently owned by the Wix which is a cloud based web development company. This year in 2017 Wix purchased DeviantArt in exchange of $36 million.

DeviantArt is created by Angelo Sotira, Scott Jarkoff, Matthew Stephens and some others and launched in 2000.

DeviantArt Features

  • Upload and publish images
  • explore great art and videography
  • Sale your art
  • Make a personnel public profile

Alternatives To DeviantArt

S. NoAlternativeFounded OnVisit Site
1.Instagram2010[maxbutton id=”57″ url=””]
2.Imgur2009[maxbutton id=”57″ url=””]
3.Tumblr2007[maxbutton id=”57″ url=””]
4.Shutterfly1999[maxbutton id=”57″ url=””]
5.TinyPic2004[maxbutton id=”57″ url=””]
6.Flickr2004[maxbutton id=”57″ url=””]
7.ImageShack2003[maxbutton id=”57″ url=””]
8.Snapfish2000[maxbutton id=”57″ url=””]
9.SmugMug2002[maxbutton id=”57″ url=””]
10.Photobucket2003[maxbutton id=”57″ url=””]

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