EGO POWER + Snow Blower Complete Detailed Review


Well who does not like snow. From grownups to small kids, nearly everyone has a thing when it comes to snow and every kind of fun that tags along with it. But, no matter how good and fun the snow looks and feels, there is always the part where a thick layer of snow in your yard just needs to be taken care of. 

So, what is the best way? Well if you are someone who is young and would not mind to work out the old school way, then my advice would be to get yourself a nice hand shovel and get to digging and clearing the snow. However, if you are someone like me who has crossed that stage of his life and is looking forward to something which can make the task a bit easier and more fun, than my advice would be to go for something more mechanical, like the sleek and firm EGO Power Plus Snow Blower. A blower which completely runs on electric power and relieves you from the nuisance that come with most diesel motor snow blowers. 


  • Peak Power tech combines the power of 2 EGO Power + 56 Volt batteries
  • Hi-efficiency brushless motors
  • 21 Inch clearing width
  • Upto 35 feet snow throwing capacity
  • Push Button Start
  • Variable speed control
  • LED Headlights
  • Quick fold handle
  • Weather Resistance (ipx 4)
  • Robust Steel Construction
  • 5 Year Warranty

Product Unboxing

You Are Gona Find These In The Box

  1. EGO Power + Snow Blower
  2. User Manual & Documentation
  3. Charger
  4. Batteries are Shipped Separately (For Safety)

Looks And Design That Will Make You Crave

Love at first sight! Yes, that is exactly what happened to me when I first saw the EGO Power + Snow Blower at one of my friend’s place. I just could not believe that something like a Snow Blower would look so compact and sleek. The colour combination just goes with the build and gives it a very modern yet retro look. Something which I definitely would not mind showing off to people while I clear up the snow. 

Anyways, to get a better understanding about the design and build of this powerful machine let us first break the whole thing into its more distinct segments and have a look at each one of them thoroughly.

First and foremost, the colour combination. The snow blower comes with a very attractive looking colour combination of green and black, which I would say makes it look more or less like a small hulk morphed into cute snow pumping machine. 

Second, we have the material composition. The one other very good reason which made me go for the EGO Power + Snow Blower is the material used in the building and construction of this compact and sturdy machine. The whole outer body of the machine has been mainly constructed with plastic and rubber. As for the internal machinery, they are for obvious reasons made out of metal. Also, when I say plastic and rubber, I mean plastic as well as rubber of A+ quality. 

Last but not the least the whole assembly of the EGO Power + Snow Blower. Well here EGO has kept it dead simple. They knew that people just wanted something to blow out the snow and nothing more and nothing less. Hence, EGO gave us exactly what we asked for. Nothing too complicated and something that can be worked by more or less guys from all ages. 


It consists of two nuts and clamps all beautifully placed below the handle allowing us to turn down the handle making it just perfect to store in small spaces. Then as we come up the handle, we should find ourselves the controls which should comprise of the green power button and the flip power switch/handle. Also, we have the throttle at the right handle and a 180-degree revolving chute which comes which comes equipped with a handle enabling you to blow out the snow in which ever direction you may desire. 

Besides all of those, EGO has also managed to put on some extra additions to the little machine like a pair of front headlights to help people who like to do the work early in the morning or at dawn. And then there is the battery compartment located at the bottom along with a set of plastic wheels to obviously help move the blower here and there. However, in these cases I would say that EGO could have made the plastic compartment for the battery a bit better in quality. Also, on the other the wheels are just not big enough and can make it a bit difficult for the movement of the blower at times.

Easy as a Pie to Assemble & USE

There is absolutely nothing much to do when it comes to assembling the machine since it comes pre-assembled from the manufacture itself. However, there are certain little things you need to do on your own, like the batteries which are shipped separately need to be fixed on your own. Also, the chute that comes with the blower itself needs to be mounted on to its respective slot and fixed tight with a screw driver. Apart, from this when it comes to assembling the blower there is no other major work.

Then, we have the usage part. Here, I would say the EGO Power+ snow blower being a machine running on electric power saves you from a lot of unnecessary hassle and time loss. Why? Well, the answer is quite obvious. When working with a diesel blower or motor, there will always be a need to constantly maintain the oil as well as clean up the machine for the most part. Whereas in case of an electric motor, there is no such need except for just charging up the battery from time to time. This not only saves you a lot of time, but also makes your work very convenient and easy all together.

Permormance You Can Count On

When ever we are talking about the performance of a machine or vehicle or in this matter our blower. We must always keep in mind what is the size of the task or what conditions are suitable and what are not and so on. Like for example you can’t expect a car as small as a mini Cooper to drive up on a rough terrain like an SUV would. Hence, very similarly when we are talking about the performance of the EGO Power + snow blower we must keep in mind that being a machine running on electric power it too is suitable for certain kind of snow and work. 

So, when it comes to how much snow and ice it can take care off. The answer I would say lies between 6 to 8 inches of ice. But, does it mean that it cannot be used to clear up snow sheets more than 6 inches. Well it depends how you want to work it out. If you want to get rid of everything at a single go than sorry to say you just can’t. However, if you have the patience and skills to clear it up one layer at a time, then obviously the work can be done without any issue. 

Also, while talking about performance, one other thing that comes to the mind is battery life. And since the EGO Power+ snow blower runs completely on battery and charge, it seems quite obvious for someone to be concerned with how much output can one good charge last. Well this completely depends upon the usage and may vary from person to person. However, on an average you can expect the snow blower to easily run for over an hour when charged up full. Charging the batteries on the other hand should take approximately about 45 minutes which I would say is just sufficient enough if you plan to make multiple rounds in clearing up the snow in a single day.

A Little Pricy But Worth It

If you compare the EGO Power + Snow Blower with any other blowers in the same segment, then mostly you will find the EGO Snow Blower to be a bit pricy then the others. However, for the performance and quality it brings with it, that price is totally valid. Generally, the EGO Power + Snow Blower should cost you around $599 US Dollars if there is no offer of any kind or so which I believe is ok considering the work it can do and manage. 

NOTE: When buying an EGO Snow Blower for yourself, it is strongly advised that you check which seller you are purchasing it from. Many a times depending upon the seller, people receive used or defected products. Thus, I advise you to first check the reviews listed down under a seller and only after you are convinced can you go forward with the purchase.

5 Years Long Warranty

Well, a long warranty that covers up most defects is always a good and safe thing when it comes to motors and electronics because you never know what can go wrong and when. And here I would say EGO truly understands the needs of its customers when it comes to Warranty and coverage. 

The EGO Power+ Snow Blower comes with a nice 5 years of parts and replacement warranty. This should obviously give you enough time to get used to the blower as well as understand it inside out. Not just that even the battery pack which you get along with the blower gets covered for complete 3 years under the same warranty. Something which I would say most other blowers don’t offer or just can’t.


I know a verdict is always important at the end of a review. But, let me ask you, does it really help. If you have gone through the whole article then you must have already found out what is best and what is not. Moreover, from my own personal experience I believe that just reading out a review or so in the Internet can’t really help you or in fact anyone in the way they would want. Even so however, the only reason I decided to come up with the review was solely for the fact that after using the EGO Power+ Snow Blower for at least 3 years now and also after trying many other blowers before it. I felt this strong urge to say a few lines of appraisal for this lovely piece of machinery so that for someone like me out there who is looking forward to buy a blower for him or herself can make a better choice and decide what goes well for them.

But then again if you ask me about which blower, I would say stole my heart till date. It is always going to be the EGO Power + Snow Blower.

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