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Founded On: February 4, 2004
Founded By: Mark Zuckerberg
Alexa Ranking: 3

S. NoAlternativeFounded OnVisit Site
1.Twitter2006[maxbutton id=”12″]
2.Google+2011[maxbutton id=”13″]
3.Pinterest2010[maxbutton id=”14″]
4.Linkedin2002[maxbutton id=”15″]
5.Instagram2010[maxbutton id=”16″]
6.YouTube2005[maxbutton id=”17″]
7.Tumblr2007[maxbutton id=”18″]
8.Reddit2005[maxbutton id=”19″]
9.Tinder2012[maxbutton id=”20″]
10.Bebo2005[maxbutton id=”21″]


What is Facebook

Facebook is the no: 1 social networking site to make public connections with anyone in the world. It helps internet users to interact, share their ideas, daily events, photos, videos and lot more.

Using Facebook is easy and so simple. Anyone can start their journey of social networking at Facebook under a minute. You just need a Facebook account to sign up to start.

Facebook was the idea of a young entrepreneur/student Mark Zuckerberg who launched Facebook in 2004. This time in 2004 he was at Harvard College for his graduation.

When it started, it was only open to the students of Harvard College so they can interact with each other at same time. And as well as can share their updates, photos, thoughts, etc.

Difference between the Facebook of 2004 and Facebook of 2017

When Facebook started in 2004, it had zero worth, was nothing. But today in 2017 it is a million dollar project and no.1 social networking site.

When it started, it was just an entertainment based social networking site, but today it is much more than a social networking site. Facebook in 2017 is growing as biggest advertising network which helps small business & profession to get more customers.

In 2017 Facebook advertisement networking is much powerful and cheap. The best part of Facebook advertising is, it is suitable for the small business or newly start-ups.

What you can do at Facebook

Make a profile for fun : Can create a professional profile to connect millions of users. Facebook is the best place to entertain yourself. And find what is going around you and in the world. Daily millions of users use Facebook to share their memories, photos, status, updates and much more.

Create a Facebook page: If you have a business, or you are a professional so can make a fully customized Facebook page to grow your business and profession.

Groups: Making group is also possible on Facebook, and it is easy and simple.

Events: If you are going to plan and organize an event. So with this features of Facebook, you can inform your relatives and friends of Facebook about your events.

Advertisement: Advertisement with Facebook is easy and much powerful. Advertising on Facebook can help your business to reach out more targeted customers.

Notable features Of Facebook

Users are free to make and maintain their friends. They are allowed to make up to 5 thousand friends. After 5000 friends, others can follow your profile or can create a free facebook profile page of your own.

You can arrange all of your photos and video for the lifetime for free. You can also make photo albums to keep your memory safe.

Can make a live video; a Live video is the brand new feature of facebook which enables you to make a live video of yours.

Users can monetize theirs photos, videos or even their Facebook pages at very reasonable cost.

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