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Quick Review

Quick Review

Founded On: 2004
Founded By: Stewart Butterfield, Caterina Fake
Alexa Rank: 324 (Global Rank)

S. NoAlternativeFounded OnVisit Site
1.Instagram2010[maxbutton id=”57″ url=””]
2.Imgur2009[maxbutton id=”57″ url=””]
3.Tumblr2007[maxbutton id=”57″ url=””]
4.Shutterfly1999[maxbutton id=”57″ url=””]
5.TinyPic2004[maxbutton id=”57″ url=””]
6.DeviantArt2000[maxbutton id=”57″ url=””]
7.ImageShack2003[maxbutton id=”57″ url=””]
8.Snapfish2000[maxbutton id=”57″ url=””]
9.SmugMug2002[maxbutton id=”57″ url=””]
10.Photobucket2003[maxbutton id=”57″ url=””]

Flickr is one of the popular image hosting and image sharing website to share your picture or videos with the millions of Flickr users. It also let you free to store your photos and memories for free.

In some recent years, Flickr very rapidly gets an instant boost in their traffic and becomes one of the most engaging images sharing community where users come to view and share each other content.

So first just take a quick overview of Flickr

  • It is image and video hosting site.
  • Launched in 10, February 2004
  • Flickr was the idea and result of the hard of Stewart Butterfield, Caterina Fake
  • Here users can make a personal profile to keep their own photos safe.
  • Also, you can make a company or business profile page to get some engagement or to make customer connection.

Flickr was started in 2014, when its founders Stewart Butterfield, Caterina Fake launched it as an image hosting site where anyone can share their images for free with just a simple sign up.

But in 2005 Yahoo decide to purchase it and finally on March 20, 2005, Yahoo becomes the officially the new owner of the most emerging photo sharing site in 2017.

How To Start With Flickr

Starting with Flickr is simple, it will just take few minutes to create and setup a free account.

First, you need a yahoo mail. Because Flickr is under the yahoo so you need to have a yahoo email for your sign up.

So first go and create a free yahoo mail, if you have not any previously.

Once your yahoo mail id is ready so you can quickly login.

Once you log in, just visit your profile page and fill with the information which it needed required.

Top Features Of Flickr

1-terabyte Of Storage

Flickr assigns  1-terabyte of free storage to their every user which you can use to store your images or videos. But If you need more storage so you can move to Flickr paid storage at the very cheap rate to exceed your storage limit.

App For Android And IOS

If you want to access flickr from your smartphone, so you have no need to visit its site. Instead, you can download its android or iPhone app from the app store for free to directly access Flickr from your phone.

Boost your phone speed:

Having too many photos on your smartphone cause many issues like low speed, hang, etc. But you can use Flickr to store all of your mobile phone pictures. It will free you mobile space which will result as much better speed.

Easy to Download

Once you upload your pictures to Flickr, it is fully safe here. In future whenever you need to those photos, you can download with a just single click.

Fully privacy:

In the order to privacy, Flickr provides fully privacy option to their users. So if you have some of the pictures which you do not want to make publicly visible so just go to setting and select not publicly visible and you are done. Now no one can see those picture; it will be just visible  to you

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