Hottest Web Design Tactics For 2022


Following trends can definitely be overrated, but if you’re a website owner or designer, it can pay to stay acquainted with the latest and greatest trends.

Web design is about more than just the pretty pictures in the background; it’s about the layout, the fonts, and the overall look of the site. First impressions are everything, and a great web design is what can ensure a good first impression for every user. 

Hottest Web Design Tactics For 2022

With that in mind, it doesn’t hurt to know what goes into a “good first impression” in 2022. It’s possible for a website owner to pour all kinds of time, effort, and money into designing their site, only for users to think that it looks boring, busy, or dated – and leave.

However, if that same website owner was up-to-speed on current web designs, they’d be devoting their resources to a website that would make anybody proud.

So which web designs are coming into fashion at the beginning of the new year? Let’s explore.

Hottest Web Design Tactics For 2022

1. An in-your-face call to action

Yes, you read that right – this actually works for some brands. For example, a fitness brand could be all about the tough-love approach, so it actually fits the brand message to tell users “Sign up now to turn your life around”.

On most websites you’d actually see the opposite – the whole site is carefully designed to coax users towards the commitment, not openly suggest it on the landing page. Even so, giving users a call to action the second they see the home page is the right strategy for some websites.

2. Embedded videos

Great web design is all about keeping users engaged, and nothing ensures engagement quite like an embedded video. They have to be done right, though; too many, and the page will just look sloppy and overwhelm the users.

If you can use it to communicate your brand message, though, that’s when you hit paydirt. On Fuse Animation’s web site redesign the home page features examples of their animations so users can immediately see the kind of work they do.

3. Footers that actually mean something

Have you ever scrolled to the bottom of the page, seen the typical “contact us” form, and quickly scrolled back up because there’s clearly nothing else to see? Well, there’s a new footer format in town, and it’s much more interesting.

Some websites are opting to beef up their footers to include information about the site, navigation menus, and more, making them part of the page instead of something that everyone ignores. 

4. 3-D designs

Sometimes all you need is a design that looks cool. If that’s the case, 3-D designs might be just the ticket, whether it’s a cleverly manipulated photo or a digital illustration. Adding that extra sense of dimension makes your site look more interesting, and you know what that means – more time spent on the site by users. 

5. Interactive design elements

Any old website has a certain level of interactivity. Users can click, scroll, and so on, and the site will respond as it’s meant to (hopefully, anyway). But some web designs take you a step beyond.

For instance, you could be on a site with fish swimming in the background, and see the water ripple as you move your mouse. It isn’t too distracting; it’s just enough to keep both sides of your brain engaged as you navigate the site.

6. Miniature animations

When you’re talking about web design, moving parts are always more visually engaging than still pictures – it’s science. That being said, there is such a thing as too much visual engagement.

In this case, though, you can have your cake and eat it too, with micro animations. While the majority of the background will be still, small bits of it will be moving around. It’s a great way to keep users entertained without overloading the page with activity. 

7. Dark mode

Increasing numbers of websites are finding ways to make the user experience more convenient, and for some, that includes a “dark mode” feature.

After all, any given website will have visitors around the clock, so it only makes sense to accommodate people who may be viewing the site in a low-light environment. It may not be a vital innovation, but people are catching on, and one thing’s for sure – they like websites that accommodate their needs. 

8. Scroll-triggered animations

If you’re noticing a lot of trends that involve moving parts, you’re right – web designers are finding all kinds of ways to keep users’ attention. In this case, the design features changes to the site’s background or appearance as the user scrolls.

This could mean a different background to match a new paragraph, or relevant titles that appear for various sections of text. Whatever the case, it’s possible to have too much – it needs to be functional as well as entertaining. 

9. Titles that grab your attention

The bigger the font, the more your eyes will be drawn to it. In some cases, a web designer will make just a few super-sized words the focal point of a page.

It could be the company’s catchphrase, a greeting to users, or anything else, really; the point is to make sure it takes the spotlight. Why is this popular?

Probably because it looks hip (with the right font, naturally) and communicates the brand message clearly. Why is anything popular? Because people like it – it’s as simple as that. 

10. Gradient color schemes

Just like the last example, there isn’t exactly a clear explanation why gradients are having their moment in web design – but why shouldn’t they? Gradients can make an otherwise boring page look more dynamic, which means improved user interaction. So really, what’s not to love?

There’s always something new and exciting going on in the field of web design.

It’ll be interesting to watch where these (and other) trends go in 2022. Will they stick around, or fizzle out after a few months? Chances are, as long as the web design fits the website, it’ll last as long as it needs to. 

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