How Do wireless Security Camera/Surveillance Works?


So here we are talking about the wireless security camera that how it works. As you know that this system video surveillance is not a modern discovery, it is from centuries. The important thing is the advancement in technology with time.

Let’s ask Google about “when the video camera invented”

How Do wireless Security Camera/Surveillance Works?

As you can see in the knowledge graph that the earliest video camera belong to 1910.

Now Days wired surveillance cameras is outdated, nobody like these becasue of the hassle of the wires.

How Do wireless Security Cameras Work?

The wireless camera transmits the video of the camera by Radio Transmitter. The video goes to the receiver which connected through a storage device which is already built in the camera, or on online cloud storage. Now anytime with a monitor, you can check the captured videos and photos with a simple link.

As we mentioned before that wired security camera is out of fashion, now wireless Security Cameras are the trend which can take the home security to the next level.

If we talk about the main advantages of the Wireless Security Camera then we can divide it into five major features.

  1. Motion detection technology
  2. Wireless technology
  3. Scheduling
  4. Remote Viewing
  5. Automatic cloud storage

These five functions are the pillar of the Wireless Security Camera and that is why people are liking this new technology very much.

Motion Detection

It is really interesting and a great invention, in motion detection the camera can detect motion and start recording in the direction of the motion. So this way you can cover all the area of your home. Here motion means the movement that the wireless camera is going to detect, record all of the movement in the range and The doorbell camera utilizes this technology.

This lacks in the wired security surveillance that they only record to the direction where it manually set. Intruders can easily cut the wires or damage the cam by just standing under the camera so this way they will even not record.

Wireless Technology

This is one of the biggest reason peoples loves it because there is no wire needed to set, It has not required a wired connection between one to other cameras, they connect to each other wirelessly.

Even there is a security lack in the wired security cameras that they can warn the intruders about the cam and they can easily cut the wire to avoid recording. But with wireless security, it not gonna happen.


Scheduling is also a very interesting feature where you ca Schedule recording as per your preference to ensure your home safety all the time.

With Schedule recording you can find what is going to your home, what your kids are doing, is the home’s employee is working or not?

Cloud storage

This is also cool that you do not need to put hard drive storage to store all of the recordings. The videos will be easily stored to your cloud storage account and you can watch the recording anytime as per your preference.

Remote Access

This feature let you see all of the recordings anytime and anyplace. You do not need a monitor to watch the clips. You can access, control and watch all of the captured videos by using their app, or online account. So you do not need to be home to watch video clips, you can control and watch whatever going to your home with this feature.

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