How Is Internet Customer Service Getting Worse?


The importance of good customer service can be understood by the phenomenon of mouth pyramid. In the mouth pyramid phenomenon, if the problems of 4% of people, who complain, are being solved they will tell so many other people about it.

Does this phenomenon eventually create a word pyramid of good reviews? The answer is yes, but not to a greater extent. Also, it signifies that good relationships will be developed between the company and the people who complained.

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Now the question arises what to do with the remaining 96%? For this, you need to go through the list of your customers.

Find out who hasn’t purchased anything from you again. You can message them to ask why you do not get to hear from them ever since.

It will help a lot in identifying negatives which should be turned into positives – by working on them. In fact, if there are no negatives it is still a win-win situation as it will help cultivate strong relationships with customers.

One study that was conducted by Opinion Research states that to purchase the same products, customers would rather prefer a company with a good reputation. 

As mentioned above it is vital to turn negatives into positives for the survival of the company. But how to do this? How to create a marketing force to make your company’s reputation better?

Firstly, you need to train the mind of your customer service team to take complaints as an opportunity to improve relationships with the clients and the products and services being offered by treating the complaints as feedback.

Your customer service team’s biggest goal should be making strong relationships with clients and that can be done through different channels – a phone call is not a compulsion.

You have to instill this as a habit to make the customers feel valued and heard regardless of their agitation and which medium they have reached out to your CS team. 

  • Complaints should be recorded and then dispersed electronically.
  • Complaints should be sent to the relevant person who can fix the problem.
  • Make sure they fix it as quickly as possible.
  • Once a complaint is being addressed. Take a follow up from the client. If they are still not satisfied try to find another solution.
  • You can give the irate customer a discounted coupon. It can be electronic or it can be redeemed through a code too. This can be used by them to get a discount when they make any purchase in the future or refer your company to someone else.
  • Make sure to keep a record by tracking their new purchases. 
  • Keep checking what are the statistics of their purchase and referral after fixing their problem.
  • Also, keep a check on what is the ROI (Return on Investment)? Make a calculation.

If your company charges monthly fees for services the good customer service is more crucial to retain any customer. As customers are already paying way too much to a company every month.

If you calculate the amount you are getting from them for a lifetime, it will be more apparent to you how significant it is to invest in the customer service department, team, tools or equipment, training, and anything it takes to strengthen them.

A low paid employee will sound less happy and least interested in the tasks as compared to the workforce that is being taken care of and paid well. 

This is just a calculation from a marketing point of view, a smaller part of an equation.

Add a word of mouth advertisement into this and you will see how it affects your business.

Every customer matters as they will spread good or bad words depend on what kind of service they got from you. 

Final Thoughts: 

If Internet Service Providing companies like Time Warner, Verizon, Comcast understood the importance of customer service they would have put extra effort into this.

Now, companies are investing $50 million in advertisements to obtain their lost customers back. If they would show care in the first place they didn’t have to lose their customers.

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