How To Avoid Buffering On Torrent Based Streaming Apps Like Popcorn Time?


There are so many free streaming apps based on torrent to easily stream or download movies and TV shows from different torrent networks like Popcorn Time, and Stremio.

But sometimes users can face issues like buffering with these kinds of apps, and they can completely ruin your movie-watching experience.

In this post, we are going to discuss some of the things which cause buffering with apps like Popcorn Time, and will also tell you that you can manage them to stream videos without any buffering.

Things Which Can Cause Buffering

  1. Your current internet speed
  2. VPN
  3. Browser Activity
  4. Your device background processing and unwanted files
  • Your Internet Current Speed

Today we are living in the age of 5g and fiber cables, so internet speed is not a big deal, but it may be possible that for some reason, your current internet speed is low.

Your Internet Current Speed can cause buffering

So if your video is buffering, then please check your current internet speed by using any online internet speed checker.

  • VPN

If you are using a free VPN and facing the buffering issue, then definitely your free VPN is causing the error.

Free VPNs can slow down the internet, especially when you are streaming the entire movie from torrent.

Why Free VPN Are Not Good?

I am 100% sure that if your current internet speed is good and still your video is buffering, then it is your VPN.

So please upgrade your VPN with any good VPN provider which supports torrents. 

You can also go with the trials, there are hundreds of paid VPN service providers, and most of them have options for trail. So if you can’t afford a paid VPN then you can try this method, it is a little messy but works.


Why You Should Use VPN While Using Popcorn Time

If you are thinking of using Popcorn Time without the VPN, then please make sure you do not live in a country like the UK, where laws for copyrights are strict. Because the only thing which can protect you from trouble is VPN.

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  • Browser Activity

Make sure while streaming, your browser is closed, and there is no browser activity. Because Popcorn Time streams huge files from torrents, and it required good speed.

So Still, if you have a good internet connection but if your browser tabs are open and some activity is happening, then it can affect your internet speed.

So please shut down all the activities over your browser to enjoy your movie uninterrupted.

  • Your Device Background Processing And Unwanted Files

This happens especially on windows devices, they run several kinds of stuff in the background, and as a result, it slows down your device.

is background process slowing computer

So your video may buffer, even your internet speed is good, and using a paid VPN.

So go and check background activity; if you find any irrelevant activity and it is occurring much of your device processing, then you have to stop it. 

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