How To Use Snaptube To Convert Video To Ringtone?


You were scrolling through social platforms and came across a short video whose music is just perfect to be your ringtone. Now you don’t know how to put that specific video on your mobile phone as a ringtone. If that’s the problem, you’ve come to the right place. 

You can easily convert video to mp3 ringtone using a video to ringtone converter, or simply a video to audio converter. Let’s see what that is.

How To Convert Video To MP3 Ringtone with Snaptube

What is a Video to Ringtone Converter?

A video to ringtone converter is any tool (web tool or application) that is used to convert videos into audio ringtones. They specialise in converting the mp4 format of a media file into a mp3 format. 

Some video to ringtone converters are free to use, while others feature a paid premium version to convert video to ringtone. Some of these are fast enough to convert your video of choice into audio in the blink of an eye, while others take some time to do so. 

So, after our careful search, we set our sights on Snaptube app, a free audio and video downloader with 1,000 million users, which not only saves videos directly in MP3 format, but also supports extracting audio files from downloaded videos.

Why Is The Snaptube Best Video To Ringtone Converter?

  • Unlike other video to mp3 ringtone converters, the Snaptube ringtone extractor works very fast. It converts any video into an mp3 file automatically when you select this option before downloading your video. 
  • With the help of Snaptube, you can convert multiple videos into ringtones and download all of them at once through its batch downloading feature. So, it saves you a lot of time. 
  • Snaptube supports more than 100 media platforms for searching videos and audio, so you can find, convert, and download ringtones from different sources in one place.
  • Snaptube gives three reliable options for video searching. 1) Search by entering relevant keywords in the search box. 2) Search through the respective media platforms. 3) Search by copying the URL of the source and pasting it in the search box. 
  • This application is safe and poses no security threats to your mobile phone. 
  • There’s no limit to convert video to mp3 ringtone, so you can convert and download as many ringtones as you want. 
  • Last but not the least, Snaptube’s video to ringtone converter is completely free. You don’t need to spend bucks on converting your favourite video sounds into ringtones.

How To Use Snaptube To Convert Video To MP3 Ringtone?

Why not use a ringtone extractor, which is free to use and fast at the same time? Yes! We are talking about the Snaptube application. Let’s see how you can use this application to turn some of your favourite videos into your mobile ringtones. 

Step 1: Install Snaptube on your phone 

If you don’t have the Snaptube application already installed on your device, you have to install it first. Make sure that your phone enables downloading applications from external sources since this application is not in the PlayStore. Go to Settings> Security> Install Apps from Unknown Sources, and turn ON the toggle next to the option. 

From your mobile browser, go to the Snaptube official website. Click on the download button to download the APK file of the application. Tap on the file to install the Snaptube video to ringtone converter. 

Step 2: Search the video you want as your ringtone

If it’s a song or piece of music with a specific name, search by entering the name in the search box. Alternatively, you can copy the link to that video and paste it into the search box. Another option is to search for your video of choice through the media platform on which you saw it. About 100+ such media platforms, including Vevo, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Vimeo, etc., are supported by Snaptube. 

Step 3: Convert video to mp3 ringtone

Tap on the video to load it. You’ll see different file formats on the screen. Select mp3 format from the list, and your video is converted into an mp3 ringtone. 

Step 4: Download the ringtone 

After converting the video to an mp3 ringtone, download the file to your phone’s storage. 

Step 5: Set the ringtone on your phone 

Go to Settings > sound and notifications > phone ringtone/notification sound > add ringtone, and select the converted ringtone from your phone’s storage. 

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn YouTube videos into ringtones?

You can set YouTube videos as mobile ringtones by converting the video into mp3 format through a video to ringtone converter. (Snaptube does the function perfectly). If the downloaded file is long, cut it to the desired length using an audio trimmer. The last step is to set the audio as your mobile ringtone by changing your phone’s sound settings. 

Is there an app to extract ringtones from videos?

Yes, there are many apps, and out of these, the Snaptube app works best as a ringtone extractor. 

What is a video ringtone? 

Many applications allow you to set a specific video as a ringtone for a contact. So whenever that person calls, the video begins to play on the screen. This is what you call a video ringtone. 

How to set a ringtone of your own choice? 

You can follow these steps to set your favourite audio as your mobile ringtone: Go to Settings > sound and notifications > phone ringtone/notification sound > add ringtone, and select the audio of your choice from your phone’s storage.


The Snaptube application has a feature to convert video to mp3 ringtone. If you want to convert a video so that you can set it up as your mobile’s ringtone, you can follow the aforementioned steps. There’s no rocket science behind this task, and you can achieve your goal in just a few clicks. So, the wait is over now! Go and grab your favourite ringtones with Snaptube.

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