How to Gain More likes and Subscribers On YouTube?


In the content marketing scene, video content has continued to grow in demand. YouTube is currently the go-to platform for vlogging (video blogging), video marketing, and video sharing. This is a free platform by Google and many people love it. Growing your channel on YouTube means a bigger opportunity to share your content to a wide audience. However, this is not always something you can wake up to and accomplish without a formula. To gain more likes and subscribers, you need to understand how to attract a new audience.

Here are some ideas that could help you achieve that in a short span of time.

Create a script for your content

One of the most important things you need to do once you start a YouTube channel is to plan your content. What will your channel be all about? You need to create a structure for your videos to ensure you can be differentiated from others blogging on the platform. Videos tend to perform well if you first write a script because this helps you in organizing content. Using a script ensures you don’t veer off to a different topic and allows you to deliver points in a sequential manner, which results in a well-focused video. Provide as much information as possible including the words you will say, your actions in the video, point to stress on, and all other necessary calls to action (subscribe to my channel, etc.).

Create highly engaging content

The content you publish to your YouTube channel should bear three pillars: entertaining, informative, and engaging. It should stay this way throughout the video, otherwise, the viewer will click to the next video. Good content that is satisfying will trigger the viewer to give a like, and some of them will want to watch more of such so they will subscribe. Upload burst and evergreen content that can also go viral and be shared across other platforms. Evergreen videos are the type of content that remains juicy irrespective of time, which means from one video you can reap long-term benefits.

Learn how to optimize titles

If you are not distinguishable, you are less likely to make an impact with your content on YouTube. One solution you have to make your content highly distinguishable is to write optimized titles. This requires a little bit of SEO. Use a keyword in the title and before doing this, you need to use a tool like Google Adwords to understand the terms people are searching most. Titles that fetch high clicks are usually short and descriptive. The SEO part is important to ensure your content is shown to users who search a certain keyword. Again, a descriptive title is what will encourage the viewer to click on your video instead of others on the search results, so you have to be creative.

Collaborate with fellow YouTubers

Every successful YouTuber uses this trick and it works really well. The idea is to utilize the audience of another YouTuber to get more visitors to your channel and possibly subscribers. Look for channels in your niche and reach out for collaboration. By mere mention of your channel on theirs, you could get many of their followers to subscribe to your channel and even watch content. This trick is especially effective if you want to grow subscribers.

However, for effectiveness and to avoid being flagged as a spammer, you should contact channels with a similar following like yours. If you have to say, 10,000 subscribers, you don’t expect someone with over a million to take you seriously unless you are paying them. If you are willing to pay for likes and subscribers, the best option would be to go to Social Media Daily and buy likes for your YouTube video. This is because the service guarantees you results and will help you to grow your channel within a short period of time.

Promote your channel and videos

Posting on YouTube is not enough to get you the views and likes you want. There is a huge audience on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter that you can attract to watch your videos. After publishing, share on your Facebook page and join groups that discuss similar topics. Even if 2% of the people reached on these platforms respond, this will be a huge impact on your channel. If your content is good, you will convert most of them to subscribers and they will not hesitate to give the likes.

Design catchy thumbnails

Some people will click on a video due to a thumbnail. This is the preview that users see before they start watching the video, and it’s usually an image that you upload from your panel. If you cannot design something attractive, you can hire someone to do it for you. A simple fix like this could jumpstart the performance of your content and ensure your video gets more clicks. Without watching your content, users will not know if your channel is worth joining.

Be consistent, post frequently

Some users are really keen and will first go through your channel to find out if you have posted videos in the past. They will want to know how long you take before supplying new content. For the best results, you should post at least every week if you cannot do it daily. This creates a cycle and viewers will be expecting something from you after every short period of time. With fresh content coming, you will give subscribers a reason to stay and this could also convince others to join your channel.

YouTube is the biggest video sharing platform that you can use to share with your audience. To achieve a meaningful impact on the platform, you have to understand how to build your subscribers’ list and thumbs ups. This can be achieved with high-quality content that is informative, entertaining, and engaging. Also, partner with other channels to help promote your channel through an exchange arrangement. Don’t forget that you can also pay for new subscribers if you are in urgent need of many subscribers and likes.

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