How to Keep Your Smartphone in The Best Shape?


Smartphones are expensive devices that are becoming a crucial part of our lives. The scope of their importance can be determined from the fact that our world just seems to come to a halt without them. However, improper usage and too much carelessness can render the device useless and this makes it even more crucial for us to take care of our smartphone devices not only to avoid any inconvenience but also save ourselves from the hassle of buying a new device. 

Here are some of the basic tips that will help you take care of your smartphone and keep it from ending up in the repair shop. 

Make The Most of Protective Accessories 

Protective accessories such as phone covers and screen protectors are not only essential to maintain the looks of your device but they also play an important role in extending the life of your device. Trust us, they can actually save you from spending hundreds of dollars on phone repairing. Unfortunately, many people fail to understand this and view these protective accessories as a waste of money.

But accidents are unavoidable and you may end up dropping your phone on the floor or in a bucket of water by mistake. In such a situation, phone casing will minimize the damage done to the device by supplementing it with waterproofing and impact-resistance properties and the damage the device does sustain can be assessed and fixed by breakfixnow at a minimal cost. Likewise, a screen protectant can save your display from scratches and keep it from shattering in case of a high impact.  

Maintain The Device Temperature

Most phones are designed to operate optimally is a range of temperatures so using them at extreme temperatures may have adverse impacts on their performance. Bear in mind that colder conditions are more detrimental to your smartphones as they can lead to faster battery discharge, random reboots, and slow processing.

Moreover, moisture may condense on the chip during the winters, resulting in a short circuit that can permanently damage the device. Hence, allow your device to warn up o the normalized room temperature when you are indoor before turning it on. High temperatures are equally damaging for smartphones as they lower the battery capacity and lead to overheating of the device. 

Charge The Phone Smartly 

All smartphone batteries degrade after a certain period of use, making it necessary to have them replaced. But the rate of this degradation can be greatly affected by the way you recharge the device and you can actually extend the time before getting a new battery for your device.

Battery lifetime is determined by the number of charge/discharge cycles they can sustain before their capacity starts dropping and to maximize the battery life, it’s essential to carefully monitor the charging levels of your cell phone and recharge it when the 15% of the battery remains. Moreover, you can extend the time before having to recharge your device by managing app activity and turning off features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when you’re not using them. 

Keep Your Device Clean

Most apps store data on your device while they are operating. The size of this data keeps on building up and it eventually takes up significant space in the RAM. This can slow not only limit the storage space available for use but also result in frustrating glitches and significantly impacts the device performance.

Therefore, it’s important to clear out unnecessary clutter, cache, and junk from your phone so that you don’t face any performance, speed or storage issues. Other than intern cleaning, you should also take measures to keep the device clean externally. Touchscreens pave the way towards greater accessibility and ease of use but are just as hard to maintain. Any cracks on the display can house millions of bacteria that can be transferred to your hands, face, and ears and result in a health hazard. To avoid this, use a microfiber cloth to remove any dirt from the surface without scratching the display.

Update The Software Regularly

From iOS to Android, all operating systems come up with regular software updates to fix any reported bugs and offer optimal performance. Updating the software on a regular basis will maintain the performance of your phone while automatically fixing many issues that you may be facing in the device. You can either turn on automatic updates from the phone settings or manually update the software as needed. 

Another word of advice is to never leave your phone unattended as anyone can temper with it and cause unnecessary problems for you. Also, note down the IMEI number of your cell phone so that you can track your device in case it gets lost or is stolen. With that being said, we hope that you will find these tips helpful in maintaining the condition of your phone and keep it in good shape for a long time.

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