7 Mobile App Metrics You Need To Track In 2021


Once you have done your bit of completing an app development process, you thought of taking a break. Well, this isn’t the reality if you want to be successful. The entire process of app development takes a lot of time and money. So, don’t let that hard work go down the drain by failing in proper return on investments made. Working on your application is not over once it launches. You have to perform some regular maintenance as well. 

There are multiple times when you need to strive to make necessary improvements. So, the easy way to do so is by tracking various metrics to check if your app is performing well or not. There are some articles on key metrics for mobile apps written by market experts, and this article was written with their help. So, let’s get right into details.

7 Mobile App Metrics You Need To Track

Considering The Number Of Downloads:

If your app is getting downloaded maximum times, it means people are enjoying using it! So, this is one vital metric to measure proper user engagement. Every time the app gets installed on the unique device, it will count right towards the download rate. For example, if you are procuring thousands of downloads daily, the consumers are practically responding well to marketing strategy and brand. Furthermore, you can optimize the app for the store to improve the number of downloads.

Several Active Users:

Active users won’t be the same as the download rates. People can download your app and then not use it. However, several members who are using your app will be one way to measure engagement. Figure out the number of people using the app daily or the monthly active users. Be sure to entice them to open up your app. For that, you can send them push notifications and get their attention on striking mode.

Average Usage Time:

The average usage time is likely to break down the given session internals. Here, the main job of the metric is to ensure how long this session will run. Does the user go through the app for a few seconds or minutes? You might not know this, but the size of the screen that the user is using will impact how long that session will be.

Dealing With Session Intervals:

Session intervals are widely used for measuring user engagement. It will showcase the time right between every user session. It won’t be the same as monthly or daily active users. The interval metrics of these sessions will eventually break down the active users into detailed numbers. Remember that short intervals are the best points to consider. It means that active users are not only a long gap between every use.

The Current Churn Rate:

The churn rate will furthermore measure the users’ percentage who have stopped using your app. It is one significant issue when most active users are part of the same group. Active users are always the profitable ones. So, a higher churn rate will impact your current bottom line along with the revenue stream. 

Abandonment Rates:

The metrics of abandonment rates will measure proper user engagement as well. The app gets abandoned by the user if they installed it but never actually use it or even sign up for it. You can fix that issue by analyzing the introduction phase, along with the signup procedure. Make sure not to ask users too much personal information for navigating within the app.

The Rank Of The App In Apple And Google Play Store:

The search ranking will impact the download rates. So, for improving the ranking value, you have to employ the same strategy as mentioned already. You have to be sure of the sore optimization algorithms for every platform your app is located on. Some of the higher search ranks will translate to full downloads. Remember that most of the downloadable apps come from generally browsing the app stores.

Be sure to keep these mobile metrics in mind if you want to grow your app and add more users to it. These tactics are easy to count on once you are sure of the steps to follow. So, waste no time and start checking out your app’s current popularity metric. 

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