Internet Business Marketing Using Facebook Social Media


Probably you will not surprised to know that Facebook is number #1 social media marketing platform used by many businesses all over the world. Still, despite the widespread usage, lots of business owners report their efforts are not very effective as they wanted. Here we will look at different ways of using Facebook for marketing for your business success.

Internet Business Marketing Using Facebook Social Media

Making Most from Your Facebook Marketing Business Page

The Facebook page is one great marketing tool free for the businesses. And these pages allow the businesses to identify themselves – and not only by listing product offerings or services, but by sharing images, posts and links on the customizable page and giving better sense of the business’s character and personality. The Facebook business marketing page is one great spot for developing the brand identity as well as show your human way. You need to know what your main audience will want to see. Then share the social media links, images, videos, and anything, providing it’s connected to your online business and appears like something that your target audience will really enjoy.

Facebook Marketing: Classic Ads

Facebook provides its own types of advertising with the Facebook ads that appear on the columns of a Facebook website. The classic ads are actually referred as Marketplace Ads and they include the headline with copy, image, and click through link to the Facebook page, Facebook app, and outside website.

Marketing on Facebook

Implementing Facebook ads in your Facebook marketing plan is a possible method for increasing the likes and driving web site clicks.

Advertising Facebook features will include:

  • Ability to set the ad budgets.
  • Demographic targeting by the Facebook user data age, education, location, and interests.
  • Ad testing, where multiple ad versions are run simultaneously to compare the setup and ad designs.
  • Ad performance tools.

Facebook does not release information on their ad CTRs, thus it is tough to know how much successful the Facebook ads are. Compared to Google Display Ads, it is found that the Facebook ads have the CTR of over 0.051%, and average CPC $0.80; but, business’s Facebook marketing cost will differ depending on your targeting options and your competition. Using right Facebook advertising for increasing your “Likes” will prove very beneficial – whenever any user likes to your page, essentially they become the followers of the business page, and also your posts may come on their news feed. It results in many users interacting to you and the brand, forming good relationships that might end up in translating to the conversions in future. You can check out Journal Review for more tips related to marketing your business.

Hosting Contests on Facebook

Running different Facebook contests, promotions or sweepstakes is one best Facebook marketing method that will increase your fans and your brand awareness. While conducting the Facebook contest, you need to be aware that the contests cannot hosted by Facebook itself (it means you cannot ask for the likes as entries, and have people to write down answers in comments, and more.) Businesses should use the third-party app to create their own Facebook contest, and direct the users to this app from the Facebook page.

Promoted Posts on Facebook

Facebook Promoted Posts allow the Facebook page owners to pay the flat rate to have their Facebook posts to reach certain users, increasing the specific post’s impressions and reach. If any of your fans is looking at the news feed if you post the story, they’re likely to see, but then there is not any assurance that their news feed will be swamped by the other posts. That is where the Promoted Posts comes– it increases your chances to be seen on the user’s news feed. The Facebook Promoted Posts can be shown to the existing fans, and with the added option of reaching friends of your fans.

Sponsored Stories

The Sponsored Stories are one kind of Facebook ad, which shows the user’s interactions, like Facebook like, to your user’s friends. The Sponsored Stories generally seeks to benefit from “word of mouth” concept. Suppose any user sees three of their friends like certain page, then he’s inclined to pay some attention. Goal of the Sponsored Stories is having the user to take same action like their friends. The advertisers can select to show their friends “likes” in case they want many more page likes, and show friends who “claimed the offer” Suppose the business wants some more users for claiming the offers, and more.

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