iProVPN Review: Everything You Need To Know


iProVPN is a consumer-side VPN brand, registered and launched from The British Virgin Islands. The company has a fairly enough no. of servers, offers unlimited bandwidth and the same advanced features across all payment plans. In this iProVPN review, we have answered 10 popular questions internet users are asking about this promising VPN service. Read to the end and decide if you would like to give iProVPN a go and trust it with your privacy and security.  

iProVPN Review

What encryption standard does iProVPN follow?

iProVPN has deployed the military-grade security protocol, AES 256-bit technology. This protocol scrambles the data between 2 access points – the device and the network server so no intruder, ISP, hacker or monitor can find out what users are doing online. Currently, only top quality VPN services and money market institutions like banks have deployed 256-bit AES technology, and iPro is one of them. 

How does iProVPN ensure user privacy?

iProVPN claims that it is made for privacy and online freedom. It practices its statements by 3 actions:

Operating in Safe Jurisdiction

iProVPN has its central headquarter in The British Virgin Islands. The territory is known to have strict data handling laws and does not require tech or other sectors to log, record, share or process user data or activities. Therefore, any data that they collect during the registration process (more on this in the next section) stays safe with the company and is not shared with government or intelligence, surveillance agencies. 

Data Collection and Handling

iProVPN only collects limited information when a user attempts to register for an account. Firstly, it collects the user’s email ID, for that is necessary for profile creation and maintenance, provision of service, electronic communication, notification of new offers and discounts, and password recovery. Secondly, it collects credit card information for billing purposes. The credit cards usually have full name, expiry date and country of registration for taxation purposes. Even the in-house staff does not have access to such financial information. 

Zero-logging Policy

Also, the company does not record user timestamps, duration of VPN connections, activities performed under VPN connection (websites visited etc). All in all, iPro has a zero-logging policy, which makes it all the more impressive to users who prioritize privacy over price. The same can be verified from the company’s privacy policy clauses. 

How does iProVPN work?

iProVPN is exclusively designed to provide privacy and digital safety to individual users, whether they torrent on their home networks or surf social media sites on public Wi-Fi networks. It has user-friendly interface, easy to use for all tech and non-tech users. All users have to do is open their VPN app, or extension (whichever platform they are browsing through), choose their preferred server and connect. The app loads in seconds and users can start secure and private browsing instantly. Primarily, iProVPN assigns a different IP address to the user and this way, a user stays almost anonymous online, away from ISP monitoring, and tracking. 

Like other reliable VPNs, iProVPN also has private servers that serve as secret chambers or tunnels. When users connect to their iProVPN apps, they can route their internet traffic via the secret chambers so no middle man, advertisers, trackers, ISPs, hackers and in fact agencies can sneak into the online activity. 

Does iProVPN unblock streaming services?

Yes, iProVPN unblocks all popular streaming services as well as geo-restricted websites (data libraries, archives, art entries) that are otherwise inaccessible from distinct regions. It unblocks Netflix USA, Disney+, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Sky, Discovery, ESPN, Dazn, BBCiPlayer etc. For users who travel frequently, iProVPN is ideal as it will give them access to native and international content on the go, and they won’t even have to worry about bandwidth limitations.  iPro has apps for TV devices, big screens and game consoles and users can use their single account credentials on upto 10 devices, which is higher than the industry average of 6. 

Does iProVPN show ads?

No. iProVPN is a strong advocate of privacy and online freedom. Neither it creates advertising profiles, nor it participates in third-party digital fingerprinting activities. That’s why it does not microtarget users, and does not host any third-party advertisements. We found the fact to be true when we examined the app after getting it via for the free trial.  

Does iProVPN have a free trial?

Yes, iProVPN does have a free trial for 30 days during which users can test the service and decide for themselves if they would like to continue and make a financial commitment. Users of free trial get access to all the basic and advanced features that subscribers enjoy, though for a limited time of 30 days. 

How many servers does iProVPN have?

Currently, iProVPN has 150+ servers, with multiples for high traffic volume servers (USA, UK, Canada and Australia). These servers are spread across 20 countries (and sub-locations) in the world. Also, the developers are adding more servers to the list so we can expect the no. of servers to significantly grow by the end of the year. These servers, however, are fairly enough for fast streaming, torrenting and online gaming and serve superb speed requirements and least latency. 

Does iProVPN support torrenting?

iProVPN’s core infrastructure is optimized for P2P functionality. Users can download and upload (seeders and leechers) can torrent and stream with peace of mind for two reasons. Firstly, the app running in the background will not leak the IP address of the user on a torrenting platform, especially when the internet kill switch is active. Secondly, users get unlimited bandwidth with each payment plan so they won’t have to worry about bandwidth, or speed throttling.   

Furthermore, iProVPN has a smart connection switch which automatically connects the VPN user to the nearest server in distance, offering the highest speeds and lowest down-times. It has apps for all major platforms, including TV devices. 

*The app has a minimalist design, doesn’t go heavy on eyes and does not consume excessive battery. Users can switch between different VPN protocols instantly from the settings and pick one depending on their internet activity. 

Can iProVPN work on a router?

Yes, you can set up iProVPN’s credentials on your router by accessing the settings or the web portal. This way, you can ensure internet privacy and safety for all the family members using the network hardware. iPro has a dedicated blog and tutorials section for users who would like to learn more about how iProVPN works on different devices and platforms. 

Who should use iProVPN? 

iProVPN is an ideal VPN app for any user who wishes to stay private and secure on the internet. There are different reasons why it is a reasonable solution for many individuals. 

Firstly, it has various pricing plans and methods. Users can choose to pay for: 

  • monthly subscription which is $10 per month
  • Annual subscription which is $2.9 per month ($34.95 billed once a year)
  • Biennial subscription which is $2.1 per month ($49.95 billed every 2 years)

Users can also choose to pay through credit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express, UnionPay) or securely through PayPal. 

Secondly, users from different areas of life can trust iPro. Here is a breakdown of current users of iProVPN:

  • Freelancers use this when accessing their client’s data on local free Wi-Fi services. They can research distinct data libraries and unblock geo-restricted content. 
  • Binge-watchers prefer iPro because of its reasonable price. They get a seamless entertainment experience on 10 devices while paying only $2.1 (the best-seller plan). 
  • Online learners, teachers and public Wi-Fi lovers trust iProVPN for privacy protocols. 
  • Shoppers use iProVPN to enjoy lower product prices, secure their payment information and keep their shopping activities private from web tracking and prying eyes. 

The Bottomline

An insider look at the app and user experience with the platform suggest that iProVPN is a better choice. Think of its wide accessibility, compatibility with different devices, unlimited bandwidth, advanced features and commitment to users. All of these factors count when users attempt to shop the best VPN service. Potential users interested in checking the service can contact the customer support either via email or live chat option available on the website. The representatives respond 24*7 and are masters of their trade.

According to iPro, it has a team of digital experts onboard. These experts are strong advocates of user privacy and so, dedicating supreme efforts to create safer internet experiences for everyone regardless of their geographical location. Considering all of these factors, iPro is expected to rock the VPN market in the coming years, with its user base increasing on a daily basis. 

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