Is it Worth Buying Refurbished Computers?


While shopping around for a computer, you will have the option of buying it brand new, refurbished, or second-hand.

Buying a refurbished computer is usually an excellent way to save as it is cheaper than brand new ones. It is also an environment-friendly option since it avoids sending the gadget to the landfill. Additionally, there is no waiting time; the product is right there waiting for you to pick up. 

Is it Worth Buying Refurbished Computers?

Brand new items, on the other hand. can be subject to shipping delays and sometimes have a waiting period before they arrive. Refurbished ones are readily available.

Like many electronic devices, computers are more expensive and harder to find these days. The increase in prices is due to supply constraints and inflation. The supply constraints are due to a global processor shortage. For those reasons, refurbished computers are a viable option for a number of computer users.

What Is A Refurbished Computer?

A refurbished computer isn’t brand new, nor is it second-hand. They are also known as “pre-owned” or “reconditioned” computers. It can also be a computer that:

  • A customer returned and the store can’t sell as brand-new.
  • Couldn’t pass the manufacturer’s quality test, so the seller rebuilt it.
  • Came from an order cancellation. 

What Is The Difference Between a Refurbished Item or an Open Box Return?

An open box return is when a buyer opens the packaging but returns the product without use. The reasons for returning may be because the buyer simply didn’t want it, or the packaging had some damage so they returned it as a precaution. The device usually works fine in open box returns and is never used. 

A refurbished item, on the other hand,  has the distinct feature of having some work done on it. A computer manufacturer or computer repair services company usually does the repairs and testing.

Due to regulations, sellers can’t sell an open box return or refurbished computer as new. This is why they are usually cheaper than new models, even with little to no wear and tear.

Who You Buy Refurbished Computers From Is Important

Refurbished computers are popular so you can get them from a number of places. You can find them for sale from:

  • Original equipment manufacturers, such as Apple, Google, HP, and many others. You can find them in their online stores.
  • Third-party retailers.
  • E-commerce websites like Amazon and eBay. Both OEMs and third-party retailers will be present on these selling platforms. OEMs will mark their products with a “factory-certified” stamp so that you can tell them apart.

Warranties are essential, even for refurbished goods. They guarantee that the product will do what it’s supposed to do and reduce your risks. You want to choose a seller offering a good warranty, return period, and established refurbishment procedures.

Are Refurbished Computers Safe Investments?

It depends on who you buy the items from. Sometimes the returns are due to a missing component, or the buyer doesn’t return everything. This is an area where OEMs can shine above other refurbishes.

They have the components, skills, and tools to make a refurbished computer whole. Therefore, a refurbished computer from an OEM or a large retailer may be like-new.

Despite the best efforts to rebuild or repair, buying a refurbished computer will depend on your risk tolerance. The warranty on a refurbished computer spans just a few months, so you don’t have as much protection as when you buy a brand new computer. Additionally, the replacement of parts may not be thorough or complete.

Some buyers have basic computing requirements (e.g., email, online browsing, word processing, etc.), so refurbished computers make more sense. In contrast, those who need high-performing machines like programmers, gamers, or video editors may be better off with brand new ones.

You will always need to research before you buy any refurbished computer. You need to know its history, repair services provided, warranty, specs, and price. With these information, you can compare with other offers in the market.

You Can Get a Good Deal 

A refurbished computer is a money-saving, environmentally safe, and quick way to get a computer. Before making the purchase, make sure to research the company doing the refurbishing. It would be best to consider sellers that offer extensive warranties for their products so as to give you some protection and peace of mind.

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