Is Watching Movies Healthy For Students?


Often students are quite busy and exhausted due to the vast number of classes and assignments. They can find a lot of various ways to spend time with pleasure and take a break from studying, one of which is watching films. Some people may consider that such activity has no sense and benefit since it is just a comedy, drama, or horror film. 

Nevertheless, there is strong evidence that watching movies is healthy for students because it is a great way to relax and take a break from writing English papers and other types of assignments. Although they can be watched in educational purposes to get ready for writing your next academic paper, for example. 

Is Watching Movies Healthy For Students?


It Is Healthy To Relax By Watching Films

The first and the most obvious point that watching films is healthy for students implies that they can take a break from their studies and relax.

It is difficult to imagine how a person can physically cope with a considerable number of assignments without any time for rest.

While watching films, a student can make his brain relax and distract from lessons. In this case, anyone can feel free to choose any genre of movies he or she likes, depending on their preferences. 

Probably, comedian films will make a student happier and relaxed since, in general, they are created to obtain positive emotions without considerable overthinking about the plot.

In order to be healthy and happy, students do not have to be engaged in learning all the time. In turn, they should have some time to rest, and watching movies is one of the ways to get pleasure and health benefits.

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Watching Films Brings Motivation And Inspiration

Motivating and inspiring is a significant part of almost all movies since, in fact, they are all life stories of different people. In most cases, motivation and inspiration can be found in drama films that often show difficult life circumstances with which heroes try to deal with. Thus, students can watch such movies and image their way of taking actions or thinking in the proposed situation. 

Some films can inspire or motivate to take action in real life. For instance, a student will probably want to become a successful person after watching the film about an individual who is working hard and rich his or her goals. Moreover, such inspiration and motivation will be obtained by students with no emotional harm and pressure, to exemplify, from the parents or teachers.

Films can educate while a student is relaxed

In contrast to classes, which students should attend, films can also educate, at the same time, being selected according to the preferences and interests of young individuals.

Thus, every person can choose, for instance, a documentary film, and watch it without doing assignments or answering difficult questions.

In other words, a student can learn something new by watching the movie without any stress and physical efforts. Therefore, it is possible to say that, to some extent, films are a healthy way to educate.

Moreover, if the student is interested in the topic of the movie, it is likely that he or she will obtain more significant information in contrast to lessons, which seem difficult and incomprehensible. 

For example, foreign exchange students can easily learn the English language by watching films with subtitles instead of sitting at the lesson and trying to comprehend English grammar or a considerable vocabulary. Hence, watching films is a healthy way to educate.

Watching films contribute to an emotional state

There is no doubt that a lot of people experience different emotions (sadness, fear, happiness) while watching films, and it is good. According to scientific evidence, watching movies can help people to release emotions due to touching, funny, or scary plots.

This process, also known as catharsis, is first used by Aristotle. According to the theory, catharsis can help to release emotions and contribute to renewal and restoration in an emotional state. 

Considering the case of students, they are too busy with education and communication with peers at the same time. They should think simultaneously about grades, future, and relationships, which probably make them be stressed.

Hence, while watching movies, students can release their negative emotions, which occur due to stressful schedules and numerous assignments.

As a result, their emotional state will be more stable, and, in turn, students will be prevented from the occurrence of nervous breakdowns or other issues with their mental and physical health.

In conclusion, watching films is healthy for students since it is a great way to relax and take a break from learning, films can bring inspiration and motivation, they can be educational, and can contribute to the emotional state of students.

Young people can obtain a great benefit from watching films since they will have a rest, they will think about life situations without harm and they will educate without an effort.

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