Top 13 Newly Launched Products On Products Hunt & Kickstarter In November 2019


Are you tech freak and love to find about new gadgets, Apps and tech startups. Then you are at the right place, here we are going to introduce with top 13 newly  Launched Gadgets and Apps of Products Hunts & Kickstarter.

1. Tiny Spells

it is a very interesting and simple website where users have to just subscribe by using your email address. Each morning you will get emails from the Tiny Spells, these emails will contain some simple content that will help you to start your day in a good way. Each email from the Tiny Spells will contains 3 tasks that you have to do. These tasks will be very simple and can be done with very little effort, so do not worry that they will ask you to run in a marathon.


As I told you it is just a simple site with no paid subscriptions and no advertisements. It is completely free and does not sponsor anything.

Today we are living in the age of technology, in this busy schedule of life, we ignored self-care mostly. The app will just help you in your self-care so you can grow with a great habit that benefits you in living a good life.

2. The Tycho Puzzle

The Tycho Puzzle is a very charming and attractive mechanical puzzle made out of brass and stainless steel.

  • It is a beautiful but hard to solve physical & mental puzzle
  • The puzzle contains eight pieces of stainless steel & bras
  • 1.5lbs weight
  • The Puzzle activates the minds & focus

3. Drawland

Drawland is an open-source drawing app for iPhone & iPad where it will help the users in learning of drawing and writing.

Drawland App To Learn Drawing

  • Learn drawing and writing
  • It will check your drawings and evaluate to give honest feedback about your progress
  • Contains 2000 unique sketches
  • It will help you to learn 3 drawing techniques, water coloring, flat design, & color pencil
  • Best for kids and peoples who are interested in drawing

4. Attend It

Attend It is a multi-platform supported attendance tracker app so you can manage attendance from anywhere with any device.

Attend It App To Track Attendance

  • Details attendance insights for better view & analysis
  • User-friendly interface
  • No advertisements
  • Offline capability
  • Seamless update

5. Cardy

Cardy is a vocabulary application to improve your English. Vocabulary is the most important thing for speaking better English, so it will help you to learn the Vocabulary by using a flashcard.

Cardy App

  • Improve your English by improving your vocabulary
  • Use flashcard to learn vocabulary
  • Easily create a flashcard for any word
  • Flashcard can contain text, sound, images, and your specified note
  • Offline support to access flashcard without internet

6. Basecamp

Basecamp is a project management and team collaboration web tool where you can manage all of your team activities and meetings at one place.

  • Organized thing in better & simple way
  • Improve your productivity
  • With message board easily talk to other members
  • Create to-do lists
  • Schedule things
  • Easily share docs & files
  • Do group or individual chats

7. Mochi Robot

Mochi Robot is a learning package for the children ages 3 to 6. It helps to learn your children coding concepts, numbers, alphabets, colors and more.

  • No screen, hand to play
  • Lego compatible
  • Screenless coding for age 3 to 6
  • Helps to learn 12 diffrent subjects
  • Improve children focus and creativity
  • The package contains storybooks, story maps, programing boards, coding blocks and much more

8. Trace by Sticker Mule

Need a change of scenery, use the Trace by the Sticker Mule. With the Trace you can remove the background from any photo instantly for free. Trace is a webtool and its technology traces the subject with precision and completely removes the background. The background can be replaced with a diffrent image, color or you can keep it transparent. You have the option to download the image for free or you can instantly order custom stickers, magnets, coasters, and more.

9. Adalo

The game has changed, introducing Adalo. You do not need to code to create amazing applications. With the advancement in the design & development tool Adalo lets you create a fully working software application with just drag & drop. This allows anyone the ability to change their vision into a real working application.

10. Sense AIR

Sense AIR a bike tracker to ensure the safety of your bike. Building on the advance and innovative see sense technology that already brought our cycles intelligence lights and crash alerts. Air is a compact, lightweight, and secure device that you can easily fit your bike and forget about the whole season.

11. SwitchBot Curtain

SwitchBot Curtain is a revolutionary wireless robot that makes your curtain smart in a second. With SwitchBot Curtain now you can wake up naturally to sunshine by setting time. It supports Alexa so you can use your voice to command your Curtain. Its installation is so simple and fits all kinds of curtains.

12. Swap Board

Swap Board an ultra-cool board game platform with the surface on which you can play multiple board games like Halma, Connect 4, Draughts, Chess, etc. Swap Board is powered by AI & robotics so it will move by itself, it is fast more than you can think.

13. Drone Run

Drone Run is a flying game to improve your drone flying skill with fun while playing. It contains a landing pad so you can perfect your drone landings, a sensor to improve ground checks, and much more else.

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