Is Scam | Here Are The Official Site ( Official Alternatives)


After the Cryptocurrency hype in back years, Cryptocurrency scams become very common. Nowadays a news scam website is live named

The site is claiming to give pre-access to the libra coin. The looks completely like the official libra site to fool people.

The official Libra coin site is and Facebook is using this site for Libra coin as well as the wallet.

Official Libra Sites Are

  2. Is Scam

Even there is a’s fake website but maybe now that is not working.

Now, this new site is the trap which is trying to fool the peoples by offering Libra coin immediately. So beware and do not trust any fake promises because facebook is not going to unveil the Libra till 2020.

In sort there is no pre-sale, if any website is claiming for the pre-sale of the libra then they are just trying to trap.

What The And’s Fake Website Is trying To Do?

They will offer pre-sale of the libra coin and in return they will ask for Bitcoin or Etherium, once the payment will be done, you will just get a headache that why you trust them. موقع بيت 365 لكرة القدم

So do not trust and other sites if they are promising to give you pre-access to the coin.

What Is The Advantage For These Fake Websites?

Bitcoin and Etherium or other similar currency which you will transfer to them can not be tracked because it is the cryptocurrency, So they have no fear of busted.

And definitely, these peoples will be some kind of professional hackers or spammers so they will be definitely know how to protect their identity if cyber security will try to tack them by the website.

Reasons Why The is Scam

Reason #1 Why is Scam: Facebook’s Announcement

Earlier facebook mentioned that they are not going to unveil their crypto coin till 2020, so how you can get early access without any official announcement by Facebook.

Reason #2 Why is Scam: Regulatory Standards

Yes it is possible, if the facebook’s authorities want so they can unveil the coin earlier but least they have to do required meeting regarding regulatory standards, and there is no news regarding it in the news.

Reason #3 Why is Scam: Prediction Of Experts

Many of the experts predicting that libra will become one of the most famous cryptocurrency, this is the reason that users are crazy about buying this coin and the spammers know about this tension and want to take advantage of this by making huge money quickly.

The spammers are just panicking the users because libra belongs to the Facebook which is world no 1 social networking site so peoples know the potential of the coin and want to invest in the coin from the beginning.

The spammers are trying to take advantage of this hype, the fake website is showing that the pre-public sale of the libra coin is going to end on July 14 to let users take immediate action.

Reason #4 Why is Scam: sign Up

On the signup page, you will see that they are asking the personal details of users like First name, etc for the signup, and there is no other way to sign up.

As we all know that Facebook is the world most popular social networking sites, and mostly we all have Facebook accounts then why they are not asking to sign up by User’s Facebook account.

Even Facebook needs more information of users, not just name and emails. Is Scam

Reason #5 Why is Scam: Libra Is Stable

Libra will be stable coin means that its price will not increase or decrease over the time, so what is the benefit of pre investing in the coin when you are not going to get any profit for your investment.

Reason #6 Why is Scam: You Will Get The Tokens After Public Sale,

You will get the tokens after public Sale,

Here is the point

What is the need to spend your crypto money on the coin which not exists for now? But it is very sad that many users invested their cryptocurrency to a non-existing coin, it is not the investment, it is just a loss.

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