like4like Alternatives 2018: Best Free Social Media Exchange Sites

Quick Review
  • like4like


Name of the site: like4like
Type of sites: social media exchange
Category: Internet marketing
Type Of license: Freemium

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like4like, it is a community of social media members who use this platform for exchanging likes or share on the different social media platform like Facebook, Google+, twitter etc.

What you can do here

  • Can drive traffic toward your social media platform
  • Grow your social pages
  • Get Facebook likes, share, followers, and comments
  • Get retweet, like and followers on twitter
  • Grow your YouTube channel by getting subscriber, like and comments
  • Plus and circle on Google+
  • Can also grow other social networks like printers, Instagram, Vimeo, Vine, MySpace and other social media

How it works

  • You like, share or comment on others social channel and other like your social pages
  • To get likes and share for your social channels you need points in your account which you can spend your campaign

There are two ways to earn points

  1. Buy points by spending real money
  2. Earn points by like or share other other members social posts
  3. You can set a minimum bid of 5 points for per like or share.

For example,

  1. Suppose you are running a campaign for the Facebook like, so you can set a minimum bid of 5 points for like and maximum 10.
  2. We are supposing you set bid of 5 points per like
  3. So whenever anyone will like your Facebook post, 5 points will deduct to your account

Tip: please set a minimum bid of 8 points for getting a good response

How to use like4like

  • It is simple and just a few minutes of works
  • Visit like4like
  • Make an account for free by simple sign up
  • Then earn points by liking other members campaign or buy point
  • Then click on add/manage your page
  • It will bring various of options, just select any one
  • Fill all of the information and set bid
  • Click save
  • You are done

Tip: To easily earn more point you can join their referral program,

How to join the referral program

  • login to your account
  • Click on referral
  • Copy the referral link
  • You can share the link to social media, website, email or can personally send the referral code
  • Whenever anyone comes by using your link and start using like4like you will earn credit up to 2000

Like4like Alternatives



It is one of the best places for website owners for getting social signals for the websites and can do lot more. Here you can get complete social media packages.

  • Genuine social signals
  • Complete social signals packages including social media and social bookmarking and other
  • Can earn free credit by spending some time
  • Different packages




It is too a best and much easier tool for social media like and share exchange. It works same like like4like, you can use your point to get like, share, or comments for your social network campaign.

  • Much easier to use than other competitors
  • Many bonus offers
  • Support mostly all of the social network including Facebook, Twitter, g+, Instagram



The tool or software “4Gram” is completely dedicated to Instagram account management. You can use this to grow your Instagram account without doing any extra effort. Everything is hare is automated, you just need to set your campaign once.

  • Auto follow others
  • Instant unfollow everyone
  • Schedule all of your posts
  • Easy-to-use and free
  • Also, include some premium features for better and instant results



Gram was dedicated to Instagram and view2be is designed for the YouTube marketing. It will completely make your work automated like you can get likes, comments on your video. The tool is really cool and having thousands of active members for exchanging benefits.

  • Grow your subscribers
  • Increase total no of video view
  • Get thousands of like for your video
  • Get human-made comments
  • And there are lot more features to grow your channel



It is not broad like like4like and add me fast but really one of the trusted platforms for sharing social media benefits. You can use Likenation for YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, as well can drive some manual traffic toward your site.

  • Genuine and trusted
  • Easy to set campaign
  • Real peoples
  • Huge community



fans4fans is one solution for all of your social media marketing need like Facebook likes, comments or share. Not just Facebook it includes all of the social media benefits. fans4fans also let you free to choose what you want to share or not if you don’t want to share anything you can easily skip it.

  • All social media platform
  • Easy interface
  • Trustworthy
  • Easy to use



You don’t need to waste your money on social media management and growth. You can do this for free by just using like4us. A great web place to grow your social accounts without spending so much time and money.

  • Good no of total members
  • All basic info about the member
  • Easy campaign management and creation
  • Have also some premium features



Followlike is a web-based tool for those who are in SEO, SMO or other digital marketing fields.  Followlike is not just only about exchanging social media benefits instead it offers you other tools for SEO and link building. So it is a complete package for the Digita marketing management and promotion.

  • Social media management
  • SEO management
  • link building
  • Free to use



As the name suggests at hitforhit you like other people social campaigns or pages and in return, they will like your social posts or pages. If you want to enhance your social presence then this network can really help you in this work. Starting with hitforhit is easy and only required few minutes. You will be credited by 100 points for the registration as a welcome bonus and 300 daily bonus If you are active on the network.

  • Easy to use
  • Daily bonus points for free
  • Good in term of privacy
  • Real users

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