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Name Of Site: Mailnesia
Type Of Site: Disposable Email
Category: Email Service
Released By:
Type Of License: Open Source

A completely free and easy way to generate temporary disposable email IDs just so that it can be used for signing up to websites without having to compromise one’s real personal IDs. العابكلب Simply decide and type an ID of your choice with “” at the end and then come back to Mailnesia to verify your sign-up by going to the inbox of your temporary mail.

Alternatives To Mailnesia

Anonymous Email

Just as the name itself might suggest, Anonymous Email service is one such website that lets you send emails to anyone and everyone without having…


If you are looking for a way to access content on a certain website where they ask for your email address without having to give in your email ID…


The perfect place to generate disposable e-mail addresses to use for annoying sign-ups and login requirements. With Maildrop, there is no…


An absolutely free and easy way to create disposable email addresses for signing up to services as well as websites without having to compromise…

Fake Inbox

The very name speaks volume of what the website is meant to do and provide. With Fake Inbox, spams and annoying new-letters can all be…

Mail Catch

Over at MailCatch, creating and generating disposable email addresses is as easy as ‘eating a pie’. All you need to do is like any other typical disposable…

Guerrilla Mail

If you are looking for a disposable email ID that lasts you for a complete hour and not one minute more or less, then Guerrilla Mail is just the…

One of the easiest and best way to generate disposable and temporary email IDs for sign-ups and log ins to websites where signing up is a must…

10 Minute Mail

One of the best and safest way to create disposable email ID for use in annoying Sign-ups and necessary subscriptions over at websites…

Email On Deck

If you are looking for a way to sign-up for a newsletter or service without having to give your actual personal email ID and like things without…

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