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  • Minecraft - 8/10


Name Of Game: Minecraft
Type Of Game: Battle & Survival
Category: Action & Adventure
Developed By: Mojang
Published By: Mojang
Available For: Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux
Released On: November 18, 2011

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Minecraft is one of the popular game for a long time, the game is officially released in 2011 and still in 2018 it is much popular. Minecraft is designed by the Arkus Persson and Jens Bergensten. The game is published & developed by the Mojang. The game is much creative where you have to build a 3d world by using different cubes, as well as you have to also explore, craft, combat. The game has different modes, like adventure mode, survival mode, creative mode, spectator mode and hardcore mode. Every mode has a different restriction and power.


  • A virtual 3D world
  • Many game mode
  • Many adventures
  • Great graphics

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Here we listing to best Alternative To Minecraft which you can play as substitute. These Games Like Minecraft 2018 are recommend and reviewed by our team.

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