Name Of site: Mixer
Type Of Site: Live Streaming Community
Category: Live Streaming & Broadcasting
Type Of License: Free
Platform: Web, Android, iPhone, iPad, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, Firefox

Note: Mixer is dead now, it is shutdown permanently. Below you can find some good Mixer Alternatives. ivermectina efectos secundarios en adultos mayores

Mixer (formerly known as Beam) is an interactive, live streaming platform with a massive community heavily comprised of gamers.

Alternatives To Mixer


Ditch the capture cards and stream keys – Mobcrush is all you need to live stream your mobile games. Mobcrush is an app for live streaming any mobile game from your Android 5.0+ device….


Uplive was established in July 2016 and strives to build the world’s leading mobile social entertainment platform with its strong international resources, high-quality hosts and global user base….

Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming welcomes you to a new world of play. Share in the joy and fun of rooting for top streamers as they play the world’s biggest games. Here, you can play games instantly, and join groups centered around everything you are interested The ways to have fun are countless. Find yours….


Picarto was founded in 2013. During our initial years we‘ve already managed to create a platform that was widely approved by the artist community. As the first platform ever to put the emphasis on creative livestreaming, we revolutionized the genre by introducing brand new features, such as the option to multistream with your friends or keeping your stream completely private….


Smashcast offers a delay-free streaming experience with resolutions up to 4K at 60fps on a newly designed, HTML5-based platform….


Streaming on Piczel.tv is free and easy. 2x Multistreaming is free, up to 9x multistreams and more for premium subscribers…


For the past decade, Livestream has focused on enabling organizations to share experiences through live video, unlocking a world where every event is available live online. We’re thrilled to announce that we will be joining the Vimeo team to continue our journey to innovate in the world of video and live storytelling….


The mission of DLive is to create a value sharing live streaming platform that empowers creators and viewers through a revolutionary rewards system. At DLive, we are changing the whole game by putting platform ownership in the hands of the users through blockchain technology….


It may sound crazy, but we wanted to build the closest thing to teleportation. While there are many ways to discover events and places, we realized there is no better way to experience a place right now than through live video…


Twitch is where millions of people come together live every day to chat, interact, and make their own entertainment together. Your creative content thrives here. Bring your passions; we’ll help you build a community around them….


StreamingVideoProvider is the most complete and affordable online video platform that offers full suite of products and services that reduce the cost and complexity associated with publishing, protection, delivery, measuring and monetizing video across devices. Founded in 2006, StreamingVideoProvider currently hosts over 560,000 videos and streams over 50,000,000 minutes of live and VoD footage per year….


TVPlayer is a great value internet based TV subscription service in the UK, which streams live TV across a huge range of devices from some of the UK’s favourite free-to-air and premium broadcasters….


Thinking about building your own Live Streaming service like Twitch or Periscope? You’ll need a scalable media server and a robust software. Live Streaming Apps built with Cameleon™ are the most popular, customizable livestreaming apps for broadcasting live to RTMP media servers and major social networks….


StreamShark is a technology company with expertise in reliable video stream delivery for global reach. It excels at making the live streams of large scale, high profile events a massive success with viewers having an exceptional viewing experience…..


The Ultimate Rap League, Jay Blac, Tsu Surf, Tay Roc, Mike P, Ronnie, CaRtOoNz, and Ohmwrecker. Live FOX Sports, ESPN, and college sports. Watch your favorites live, every week. Streaming so fast, you’ll enjoy the moment right when it happens. Not seven seconds later. And be a part of the show and an all-new chat where you can upvote the best, @ your BFF, and give props to support your favorite creators….


Vimm.TV is a crowdfunded project dedicated to put the streamers and content creators first. Vimm.TV was born from a desire to create a healthier ecosystem for streamers and content creators to grow in….


Welcome to Rhinobird, we are a video technology company based out of Boston and Santiago, with businesses running in the US and Latin America. We’ve built a smart video interface designed to interact with the audience by offering more perspectives for consumers to discover as they swipe through their screens….


A leading global platform that allows millions of gamers from all around the world to play and broadcast their games to other like-minded players, Nimo TV is a community of players, gamers, and fans that drive conversation, and allows peer-to-peer rewards and recognition…

Open Streaming Platform

Open Streaming Platform (OSP) is an open-source, RTMP streamer software front-end for Arut’s Nginx-RTMP Module. OSP was designed as a self-hosted alternative to services such as Twitch.tv, Ustream.tv, Mixer, and Youtube Live…..


YouNow is the best way to discover talented broadcasters, watch live streams and video chat live with people from around the world…

Spoon Radio

Spoon is an audio-only live streaming platform where anyone can have their own show, interact with listeners, and earn money from fans. Our users communicate with their authentic voices rather than through images or video….


Nonolive is a global live broadcast platform, brings together many high-quality contracted anchors, amateur beauties and game advanced players to share happiness and passion with you. The featured feature is online real-time interaction….

ULIVE Studio

ULIVE Studio is an entertainment platform built for creators and a live video community where you can show the world who you are. Run live sessions that capture the moments of your life in a unique and memorable way…..

Peeks Social

Start broadcasting your stream from anywhere to anyone in the world. Grow your followers overnight by getting featured in Peeks Social. Collect tips, get sponsored, use paywalls and get paid for your content…..


We spared no expense so you could enjoy top tier quality hosting. Hosted by IBM’s Softlayer Datacenters, we are powered by the industry’s most advanced network systems, Provided with the well known radio stream control panel – Centova Cast 3 and numerous unique embeddable players, this is what makes Caster.fm the leading stream hosting provider since 2010….


MetaCDN is a pioneering “4th generation” content delivery network (CDN) provider. Our patent pending approach leverages Tier-1 Cloud Storage & CDN suppliers such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google to offer enterprise-class content delivery, video encoding and streaming services on an unmatched global scale…

Niche Video Media

Secure Video Hosting for Business. Build your own branded Private Media Channel now. Administrator can control who views the video and viewing time; the number of times a user can view the videos can also be set….

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