GMBToolBox For Google My Business

Hard time obtaining metadata such as Place ID? Decode your AutoComplete and Maps URL locations. You’ll also be able to save all your business photos. Pull essential GMB listing metadata (PID, CID, BID, FID) for development and analysis…

ReviewMeta analyzes Amazon product reviews and filters out reviews that our algorithm detects may be unnatural. Our mission is to use technology to identify and remove all of these unnatural reviews to give Amazon shoppers a more accurate “Adjusted Rating” that shows what true, unbiased shoppers really think of each product… a rating you can trust…

Good, Cheap and Fast

Find above-average products selling for below-average prices. I use data science and price trends to find top-rated products that sell more cheaply than others. My goal is to help you find good, inexpensive products in five minutes or less…


Fakespot for Chrome ensures you get the best products from the best sellers. eCommerce as it should be, for free. Amazon doesn’t always have the best price. Fakespot Offers ensures you get what you want at the best price from trusted vendors. Never have a bad eCommerce experience again with real-time Fakespot seller and review analysis. You will know before you buy, not after it arrives…


Pulse is the first search marketing tool to accurately analyze and benchmark every competitor in your industry. Do you wish that you had better context to show….


Wallabag is a content reader & bookmark platform to save internet articles from anywhere and read them whenever you want. it also lets users import content from….


ElCurator is a content curation & aggregation platform where you can save files, videos, and blog posts. It also lets users read the content offline without any internet…..

Reader Highlighter

Reader Highlighter is a content reader to easily save the article and web pages for the distribution of free reading. With its text highlighter, you can highlight important….

Mercury Reader

Mercury Reader is a content reader that helps you read content with no clutter. Ads always distract while reading on the internet but Mercury Reader clears all….