Opera VPN Substitute 2018: Best Alternative VPN Sites To Protect Your Privacy

Quick Review
  • Opera VPN


Name Of App: Opera VPN
Type Of App: VPN
Category: Security & Privacy
Type of License: Freemium
Current Status: closed

Note: the app “Opera VPN” allowanced that they are going to close their service permanently from April 30, 2018. Now you can’t use it anymore on your android and IOS devices.

About premium members

As Opera VPN was a premium service, so what will happen to those who currently join their premium service?

Is there membership waste now?

No, they are providing a one-year free coupon for the “Surfeasy ultra VPN” for their gold membership holders.

What is Opera VPN?

It is freemium VPN app for the Android and IOS users to enter to a restricted app, website or game. Or even with the help of it, you can hide your real identity while surfing the web.

Opera VPN provides you great user experience in comparison to others because most of the VPN services slow down your internet connection once after you enable them.

The app is for those who want to enter a restricted web address like in your office you are blocked to use any social media or video streaming site like YouTube. Or even In colleges your network restrict to surf many of sites. So here is the Opera VPN, you can try it for free to bypass all of the restrictions.

How it works

It hides your device real IP address and provides a temporary IP address to bypass all restriction.


  • More freedom: by using it you can freely use anything without any restrictions.
  • Protect your privacy: there are lots of address where your identity or privacy is at risk. So you must try this app to protect your privacy from attackers and hackers.
  • Scan public wifi network: Public wifi networks are not always safe. The network administrator can see your activity and can do a lot more else. With the help of Opera VPN, you can scan all wifi network in your location and tell the following thing
  1. Will it be safe to use or not?
  2. How many users are using that network?
  3. Could your data be Intercepted or not?
  4. The network administrator can see your activity or not?

Opera VPN Alternatives


Use Surfeasy and say Good Bye to the blocked resources, enjoy any restricted app, website or game. The application is compatible with every device like Android, windows, ios, web browser, or others.

  • They are having 1000+ servers in around 28 different countries.
  • It helps you to track and block irrelevant advertisements.
  • With Surfeasy protect or hide your identity while using sites like torrent etc
  • Keep you secure while using public wifi networks
  • It doesn’t track your activity, so whatever you are doing is completely private
  • They use high-quality bank-grade encryption to protect your information
  • Change location with one click
  • Can use up to 5 devices at the same time

Public Proxy Servers

Public Proxy Servers, It is the public proxy provider since 2002. It is a completely Free to use proxy provider which help you to protect your identity, as well as help you to bypass the server restrictions.


Megaproxy, it is a reliable and trusted SSL VPN provider in the proxy market. It let you access the internet privately and securely. By using Megaproxy you can protect your identity while using the internet.


Are you unable to use any website like Facebook YouTube or else on your working place or your educational institution? So you can use the Proxy4Free, it is free to use proxy service which let you access restricted websites and applications.


Hide your identity by using Proxify, It helps you hide your device IP address and provide an independent IP to your network.


It is a powerful insecure VPN Service Provider which help their customer to protect their identity while using the internet. Or as well as you can use or access any restricted website like Facebook, youtube. Instagram etc.


Are you want indirect browsing or want access third party website but want to hide your real identity? So you can use 4everproxy, which will hide your real identity while using any websites.


Proxycap, it is VPN Service Provider which let you bypass Restrictions over websites. Redirect your PC to their proxy networks which secure your identity as well as let you enjoy restricted websites in your network.


It is a premium VPN provider but IPVanish is really trusted and most impressive proxy provider in the market. It is not free, you have to pay something to use it but trust me in comparison to their features, it is really really reasonable.

[alert-warning]Here we review best VPN provider alternatives like Opera VPN for windows, MAC, Android, IOS and other. [/alert-warning]

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