The Problem In “The Crucible” That Should Be Considered In Schools?


The Crucible is a play written by Arthur Miller which was first performed in 1953. It is a fictional story about real-life events that occurred in Massachusetts. In 1692 and 63, there was a witch hunt in the state.

You might be wondering how much relevance a play from over five decades in the past, which was written about an event that happened over three hundred years ago, may have. Well, you are most assuredly not the only one.

Problem In Crucible That Should Be Considered In Schools

The answer is that the play is a classic that transcends its original place and circumstance of birth. The reason for this transition is its initial allegorical intent. Although there was no actual witch hunt occurring in the United States in the 1950s, there were metaphorical ones.

The prospect of Communism had led to overwhelming fear. Senator Joseph McCarthy was at the forefront of Senate hearings to fish out and apprehend any communists known to be living or working within the United States.

The playwright, Arthur Miller, ingeniously engineered a connection between the Communist fear of the 1950s and the witch trials and executions that happened in Massachusetts centuries ago.

Why Is Crucible Relevant In Academics Today?

A student in college, university, or even high school today still has to deal with these problems in books. It is possible to see these past events recurring in real life today in the form of hate frenzies caused by the media. Bad news can often cause the most learned people to lose their minds.

This has been proven time and again throughout history. Therefore, a collection of The Crucible essay examples is continuously needed by students who find it hard to meld research reading, coursework.

They need some samples to complement their efforts. To write a good one you should be acquainted with the background of the book. Let’s find our some new information.

The Salem witch trials of the late 17th century turned family members, friends, lovers, and friends of families against one another. The citizens of Salem were afraid that witches lived among them. Every slight change in behavior and even countenance could ignite a huge fire that was hard to put out.

You can only imagine that people in power must have used it to oppress the lowly. Rivals must have also used it to get rid of enemies permanently.

The Crucible portrayed some instances of these accusations and the results they bore. The language is especially important because it is true to the time it was written. It was also based on real events.

Which Problem In The Crucible Should Be Considered In Schools?

The simple answer is history. History is why this book should be in every school library and taught as a course. It holds very valuable history lessons that should not be overlooked. Many of the books read for the class are pure fiction and are not based on historical data.

Researching these events is important. This is because when students are exposed to the failings of those who have come before them and the consequences of their actions, they know better than to repeat such mistakes in their time.

During the two years of the Salem witch craze, over two hundred people were accused of practicing the Devil’s magic. It is alleged that about twenty of those accused were executed in an unnecessary waste of lives. Other than shoving accusations from pillar to post, other failings were noticed.

People could not stand up for those they loved because they were afraid of being named accomplices. The facts and truth in the matter did not matter to these people. Nobody knew whom to believe anymore because someone may be trying to frame you, or you may be implicated in someone else’s downfall.

This madness did not stop at the community level. If it did, it might be suggested that these baser instincts of fear elude those with higher levels of learning.

However, since even leaders were tried and executed out of ignorance, it can only be presumed that accepting news without filters and confirmation is not only harmful to the populace. It also affects those in leadership and will affect those who will be in leadership if such a situation were to recur. 

In the book, a group of teenage girls, led by Abigail Williams, head into the forest and are discovered. They are seen dancing in the forest, and the only “logical” explanation in a time of hysteria is that they are witches. Abigail forces her friends to say that they were not dancing in the woods. However, suspicions continue to linger.

The Theme Of Honor In The Crucible

In this play, written by Arthur Miller, the hero, John Proctor, symbolizes justice. He does this by exhibiting pride and honor in his name. The delicate balance between these two traits is vital to the plot.

For example, when he is forced to decide between his pride and his honor, he chooses to honor. This leads him to pay the ultimate price. 

He is introduced to us as a man who is proud and so will keep his dealings secret. He is also honorable, so he helps build the Salem church. Despite his contribution to the church’s building, he refuses to attend weekly meetings of the church.

He believes that Rev. Parris is not worthy of being the church’s minister. His decision is based on his belief in Puritan principles that do not admit exhibitionism and fanfare.


The rate at which bad and false news fly is no news. The ultra-fast rate at which they fly in the internet age is groundbreaking. Public shame is no stranger to people who live in this generation. Since that is the case, asking students to read, analyze and act out a play such as The Crucible is apt.

It enables them to open their minds to critical thinking despite the trends. It lets them understand that the first news to break is not always the best news to receive or might not be told from the right perspective. It is only the first perspective.

Honor and dishonor are themes that the playwright wonderfully puts into play. He examines the length to which people will go to save face. Many people will fish out bald-faced lies simply because they do not want to be implicated in something that may be honorable even though it is unaccepted.

As it is with many things which we have normalized today, there is a lot more that we do not understand. This does not mean that we should villainise or demonize them. It presents an opportunity to learn how to be the “bigger people by accommodating the change.

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