Pros And Cons Of Online Casinos Partnering With Gamstop. Ways To Bypass Blockages


Gambling is a popular hobby that not only allows you to get rid of accumulated stress, but also to win real money. To try a new hobby, all you need to do is find a quality non Gamstop casino, register an account and make your first deposit.

When choosing an online casino, it’s important to pay attention to the basic quality criteria: the existence of a license, the breadth of the range of games, the available bonuses and deposit and withdrawal methods. You can analyse the platforms manually, or use an online casino aggregator –

Pros And Cons Of Online Casinos Partnering With Gamstop

What is Gamstop and how does it work?

Gamstop is a non-profit UK organisation, under the protectorate of The National Online Self-Exclusion Scheme Limited, which aims to prevent and treat gambling addiction.

Anyone can contact the organisation by calling the helpline, sending an email or leaving a form on the website.

Once the user’s details appear in the database, they will no longer be able to register at an online casino. The period may vary from a few months to 5 years.

Some UK gaming platforms have signed a voluntary partnership with the organisation. To prevent addiction, they have set limits on the amount of time spent on the site and the amount that can be spent on betting each month. Every half an hour, the user is notified about the length of the gaming session.

Many players have reacted negatively to the innovations, as the limits set do not allow them to bet the desired amount, and the pop-up notifications detract from the immersive experience. For them, there are alternatives on the market – online casinos not cooperating with Gamstop, which do not impose restrictions on their customers.

Advantages of online casinos cooperating with Gamstop

Despite the dissatisfaction of some part of the online casino audience, many users appreciated the innovations, as Gamstop has a number of obvious advantages.

Among the advantages of online casinos that have signed an agreement with Gamstop, it is worth noting:

  1. Having a reputable licence. A British license, which is the most reputable international document, can only be obtained if you sign a contract with Gamstop. This means that all online casinos on the list are thoroughly checked and provide users with high quality services and fair payouts.
  2. Gambling addiction prevention. Even people with a stable psyche can lose control, and the preventive measures from the Gamstop organization allow smooth regulation of the time spent on the site and the amount spent on games.
  3. A wide range of games. Reputable casinos partnering with Gamstop co-operate with all the top software providers, so these are the sites where the first releases of new games take place.
  4. The software is completely free of charge. Right at the online casino, a player can contact Gamstop support and ask for advice or psychological help.

Cons of online casinos partnering with Gamstop

Undoubtedly, the organization also has a number of negative aspects that negatively affect the gaming session experience. Many online casinos that have contracted have lost some of their customer base.

Minuses of gaming platforms that have contracted with Gamstop are considered to be:

  1. Disruption to the atmosphere of gambling. Pop-up alerts distract the user and prevent them from fully relaxing and immersing themselves in the game.
  2. Strict restrictions. Particularly dissatisfied are high rollers – that is, players who bet huge sums of money and collect casino jackpots.
  3. Complicated registration process. These sites require a verification process that requires scanned copies of documents and references.
  4. Gambling ceases to be a way to make money. Since the monthly deposit amount is limited, a player cannot make regular bets and replenish his winnings.

Whether or not to register with an online casino partnering with Gamstop is a personal choice for each player. Both options have both strengths and weaknesses.

When choosing an independent platform, it is important to carefully analyze the quality of the site: pay attention to the license, the range of games, the generosity of bonuses, available methods of deposit and withdrawal, the activity of technical support.

Having felt the first symptoms of a gambling addiction, a user should immediately contact the organisation by filling out a form on the website. It is important to do this before gambling addiction becomes an uncontrollable disease.

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