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Name of Site:
Type Of Site: Bookmarking
Category: Browser & Internet
Founded On: 2014
Founded By: Arjen Robijn
Type Of License: Freemium

An absolute easy, fun and efficient way to keep your tabs organized as well as ready to shoot on a go. revolution ivermectin With things like categorizing tabs in various custom sections as well as keeping whats important and discarding what is not becomes totally smooth, hassle free and most important of all saves up a lot of time.

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The best tool for professionals to keep their busy life on a browser systematic and organized, all for the utmost efficiency and effectiveness…

Bookmark Ninja

Coming with a clean and easy to use UI, the Bookmark Ninja is truly a Ninja when jobs like organizing bookmarks as well as marking tags on the…

Now, you can easily categorize as well as customize your most on the go and important tabs with the utmost ease and simplicity with the help…


Ideal for people working on projects or researching on materials, with Diggo not just reading contents on the browser is fun but marking them…


If you are looking for a good bookmark manager and at a same time is someone of a visual kind of person, then netroStation is just the manager


If you like life simple and easy, then the GGather bookmark manager extension tool is just the thing for you. With this fabulous manager…


A means to build a place where you can do almost everything from organizing bookmarks to creating mindmaps to listing out tasks…


From having a customizable themed place to organize and manage all your important bookmarks and links to sharing them with others can all be…


One of the simplest way to organize and manage bookmarks and tabs on your browser. The Mojave app tool lets you very easily list out and…


Something truly said by Toby that bookmarks are actually meant for books and not browser. If you think about it bookmarks never suited browsers…

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