4 Steps To Successful Backlinking Plan


Whether you are an expert business owner, or have just launched your own start-up, you are probably aware of how integral SEO is to your success. 

Having a great SEO strategy in place can be difficult, and can add a whole new workload onto your never-ending to do list. But there are certain techniques that are more effective than others. Today we are going to discuss one of them: Backlinking. 

4 Steps To Successful Backlinking Plan

 If you are new to the term, it is all about building up links from external sources (other sites) that direct customers to your business page. Backlinking is nothing new, but as search engines get smarter, it is not as simple as it used to be. Adding external links to any old site could lead you to be penalized by search engines, rather than improve visibility. 

To get the most out of backlinking, you will need to be using high-quality, relevant and scalable links. 

And here is how to do it. 

Make your website high quality 

If your website does not look and feel high quality, you cannot expect others to allow you to add links to theirs. The first step to backlinking is to make sure that when people click through to your site, what they are shown is useful and valuable. This will help Google – and potential customers – see your business as an authoritative source of information.

More is more

Although you should not be filling your website with irrelevant content, you should work to build up the amount of content you have to offer. 

But that is not the only trick to getting your business to page 1 on Google. You will also need to build up the number of backlinks you have through content on other blogs and web pages. For that, it is worth working with an SEO or content curation agency like Click Intelligence to give you one less thing to do. An agency or blogger outreach team will find the right places to link to your site and create the content for it. 

Carefully consider anchor text

For the best results, experts recommend using a combination of your brand name and relevant keywords for your anchor text. Anchor text is the wording that the reader will see. It is the clickable part of the sentence that will then direct them to your site. It needs to be relevant enough to have a powerful impact.

Remove or fix broken backlinks

Even if you do a guest post on someone else’s site, this does not mean your post will be there forever. Through new layouts, scaling back or archiving, you might find that your backlinks are no longer used. Similarly, if you have used backlinks before to link to a page you have updated or remove from your site, users that click through will be sent to an error page – which does not look great for your site. 

As such, you should try to use a link monitoring tool like Ahrefs to find out where and which links are not working. Keeping close tabs of your links will help ensure you do not miss out on sales or leads.

There is a whole world of other tips out there about backlinking. But by ensuring your website content is highly relevant, your anchor text is powerful and your links actually work, you could be seeing a great increase in traffic in no time. 

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