Find Focus

Find Focus is the one of the best productivity apps which can help to increase your productivity by blocking sites and apps which are wasting most of your time….


Easemon is a software application for computer’s activity monitoring for windows and Mac devices. With the software, you can track your employee activity from your device….

Kurupira Web Filter

Kurupira is a software for the website blocking which can help you to block any website to open on any IP On the internet. Your kids or family can easily access inappropriate content….

Kids Place Launcher

As you know the internet is not a safe place for your kids, there is so much inappropriate content they should never visit. If you want to stay away your child from all of these unwanted content…..

Gatesentry Web Filter

Gatesentry is free to use a cross-platform proxy server with features like content filtering, user authentication, data consumption stats. Gatesentry Web Filter is built with golang….

Eset Parental Control

Today we are living in the world of the internet where everything is possible with your mobile device and computer but internet has also a dark side which can harm your kids and family….

Mobile Fence

Mobile Fence, it is an app for parental control which can help you monitor and manage your kids activity on their mobile device like SMS, websites, apps, etc. With this app, you have the chance….