Ticwatch S Review: A Detailed Overview, Look & Information You Need About Ticwatch S


A watch very undoubtedly could be seen as an instrument of excellence. An instrument to keep us in check with our own reality. It is that device which has managed to keep the whole world in perfect harmony and sync.

And we all know how it has managed to do it. By being a perfect reminder of the “Time”. However, today watches are not just limited to keep track of time but a lot of things. How? Well in this era of tech and advancement we have come across many new concepts and objects.

And out of that many there are Smartwatches, which run on smart OS software enabling them to do whatever you ask them, except for just things like dancing and jumping. 

And today, in this era of new smartwatches and techs, one such watch which has managed to grab hold onto our attention is Mobvoi’s all new “Ticwatch S” wear OS watch. Now the answer to why it has grabbed our attention lies in the various features and characteristics it has to offer, which we will be discussing throughout today’s “Complete Ticwatch S Review”.

Ticwatch S Review

Some Good & Some Not So Very Good

So, before we go on discussing about each features and other characteristics in detail. Let us first have a little skim through above all the pros and cons when it comes to Mobvoi’s Ticwatch S smartwatch.

When talking about the Pros, that comes along with this smartwatch, there are quite a few:

  • Not at all pricy: Well honestly speaking, if you are looking for something with a number of rich features and yet does not burn your pockets than Ticwatch is just the smartwatch for you. 
  • Smooth & stunning performance: You will just have no complains so to speak when it comes to the performance of the Ticwatch S smartwatch. It runs and works smoothly and pleasingly, giving you just no chance for complaints.
  • Eye-catching Display: Mobvoi has really put in some great effort when it comes to the display of the Ticwatch S. The display is large and really vibrant making it just very easy to fall in love with. 
  • ‘Easy as a Pie’ To Use: Definitely, when ever there is a new tech to deal with, the easier it is to figure it out the better. And Ticwatch S is just the watch you can expect that from. 
  • Battery life is ‘not so bad’: Now, when it comes to battery backup and longevity of the battery, I would not say it falls completely under pros. But I would say that it falls somewhere in the between Pros and Cons, as the Ticwatch S battery life is just as decent to last you half a day or so which in fact is quite fine if you look at the price and amount of time you actually need it for.

Ticwatch S Review

Con’s are as equally important:   

  • Not made for small Wrist: Well if you think you have a really small wrist than think again, as this is not a watch which would go very well with a wrist which is small. On the other hand, if you have a large wrist than this watch will suit you just perfectly.  
  • Not many Colour options: The one thing which I believe has disappointed me the most is the scarcity of colour options. There are just three colours available; Knight Black, White and Neon Yellow. Hence, for a person who is picky about colours, there is not much go with anyways. 
  • No NFC & No LTE: Near Field Communication and Long-Term Evolution type of communication is one of the very crucial elements which makes a smart device smart. And the part that Ticwatch S does not have any makes it a bit difficult for people to look at it as a complete smartwatch.

Now, that we have seen a part of all the pros and cons. Let us next see and discuss in detail each of its features so that we get a better understanding of the device as well make a more accurate decision in whether to go for it or not. 

Price – That Catches Your Attention

One of the best things about this watch is its price. With a price tag of just $160 US Dollars, the Ticwatch wear OS smartwatch can be seen as one of the cheapest and most convenient bargains that comes with such a huge variety of features and elements.

Looks – Are Just Decent Enough

While talking about the looks and design of the Ticwatch S smartwatch, I would say that Mobvoi has not been able to do a pretty good job. Although, the 1.4-inch display makes quite an impression when it comes to navigation, ease of working and typing.

The fact that the unisex watch is really big due to its 13 mm thick polycarbonate body and a bulged-out crown placed at the left side instead of right just takes away the deal for those who want a watch with a good design to show off.

But then again, such big watches seem quite fine and attractive with sport gears, giving you just enough reasons again to grab yourself one of these.

Ticwatch S Review

Performance – You Can Completely Rely On

When it comes to performance, the Ticwatch S has really impressed me personally. Firstly, the device comes equipped with a built in GPS and heart rate sensor which makes it extremely easy to track and manage one’s daily activity as well as health. 

Secondly, the fact that the Ticwatch comes equipped with a powerful MediaTek processor of 1.2 Ghz dual core processor makes navigating and working on it extremely smooth and easy.

Although, there are times when logging into Google Play Store and Google fit gave us some lag. But apart from that navigating, browsing, typing as well as opening and using other apps didn’t give us any problem at all. 

Thirdly, this smart watch comes with a storage size of 4 GB and RAM of 512 MB. This provides you with just enough space to copy and store quite a huge number of songs which you can obviously listen to while working out.

Last but not the least, the 400 x 400 resolution display. Oh yes, this is one display which am pretty sure everyone will love to get a glance off. And also, since the display is completely OLED in nature, looking at the time as well as typing becomes far more fun and interesting.

But then again at times it does become a bit difficult to view the display under direct sunlight. However, increasing the brightness of the watch deals with that issue too.

Ticwatch S Review

Rich Features And Functionality – Something Everybody Needs

There is not much doubt that the Ticwatch S smartwatch will disappoint anyone when it comes to features and functionality. The heart rate sensor allows you to very easily and accurately track your heart rate when working out as well as throughout the whole day.

Moreover, the GPS system lets you to track your walks and runs without having to carry your phones along with you wherever you go. This, personally for me is a life saviour as I hate carrying around a phone while going for jogs and walks. 

Then, there is also the auto-pause feature which automatically halts tracking your activity whenever you take a break or simply pause to drink up some water in between your jogs and workouts. Hence, providing you with some really accurate results which would not have been possible without the auto pause feature.

Also, one other thing which has really made me hold quite a fascination for this device is the indication that the smartwatch gives when one’s heart rate goes around 194 BPM, so that you know when to take a break. This feature I would say greatly helps to have safe and controlled work outs. 

Apart from all that the watch comes with a slight bulky crown to the left which helps you navigate through apps as well as return back to home screen. Also, the voice feature lets you pick up calls as well as return calls according to your will whenever you need too, making it just the perfect workout sport watch.

Ticwatch S Review

Battery Backup – Not More, Not less

The Ticwatch S comes with a 300 mAh battery which according to Mobvoi should last you for more than 48 hrs, which I would say is quite long. However, that is not the case at all, since on our first trial as well as second and third and so on, the most it lasted was for not more than 12 hrs.

But then again, looking at the price, that is not a very bad deal after all if you need the watch primarily for tracking your daily workout activity and so. It is obviously very safe to assume that one normal person will not workout more than 12 hours anyways. So, putting that on mind I would say 12 hours backup is not bad after all. 

Ticwatch S Review

The Final Verdict

Well a conclusion in any kind of review is a must. So, keeping that in mind I will try to give you the most honest and applicable verdict that I can come up with or say regarding the Ticwatch S wear OS watch. 

So, if you can compromise on the design and looks part of the watch and is more focused on the performance and features with price which is both affordable and appealing to your pockets, then the Ticwatch S smartwatch I would say is quite the deal and investing on it should give you some really impressive end results so to speak.

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