5 Pro Tips To Succeed At Enterprise SEO In 2021


Search engine optimization (SEO) serves a different purpose for small businesses than large enterprises. Enterprises are generally viewed as large companies and enterprise SEO specifically covers websites that have 20,000 pages or more. A website of an enterprise doesn’t automatically mean it requires enterprise SEO as their site may only have 500 pages.

An example of a website that requires enterprise SEO tactics would be Airbnb. This site has around 10 million pages, covering listings, company information, customer helpdesk, etc.

5 Pro Tips To Succeed At Enterprise SEO In 2021

They also create different versions of their website in other languages, which adds up their page count. They also have a mobile version of their website, which again is a completely separate webpage as it’s housed under a different URL. All these aspects and layers create unique challenges to the SEO process that small companies don’t encounter.

These unique challenges mean that SEO companies like Indianapolis SEO company had to develop SEO tactics specifically for these giant websites, which, over time, came to be known as enterprise SEO.

Enterprise SEO trends for 2021

What some marketing executives fail to realize is that an SEO strategy requires constant modification to remain successful. It’s well known that Google’s search algorithm changes multiple times each day, and tactics that worked last month are outdated by now.

This is why the people in charge of SEO must keep their finger on the pulse of current innovations and shifts in user behavior. Accurately predicting changes in the market and adjusting your strategy accordingly can spell the difference between hitting it big and getting left behind.

We asked a reputable Indianapolis SEO company, and they’ve shared with us the enterprise SEO tips guaranteed to work for 2021.

1. Don’t neglect voice search

Thanks to voice-prompted assistants like Alexa and Siri, voice search is on the rise. Over one billion voice searches happen each month, and around 50% of searches done in 2020 were done with voice search.

It’s only predicted to increase from here as voice technology becomes more sophisticated and accessible. Most enterprises aren’t optimized for voice search and it’s a wasted opportunity because if you wait longer, your competitors will more likely beat you to the punch.

When optimizing for voice search, remember that user search habits are different compared to when they use a keyboard. Usually, people use shorthand and don’t necessarily ascribe to proper grammar when using Google with a keyboard. However, if they’re on voice, they use natural language, as if they’re speaking to the search engine.


  • Keyboard search: taco restaurant near me
  • Voice search: Where is the nearest taco restaurant?

2. Collaborate with other brands or influencers

Studies show that consumers are more distrusting of big companies more than ever, so to humanize your brand and show a more approachable front, reach out to smaller brands or influencers and form a collaboration.

The content generated from the collaboration can boost your site traffic and contribute to your SEO efforts. A partnership could also boost your backlink profile since the partnership could also generate plenty of excitement among the influencer’s audience and gain the attention of the media, and they’ll likely link your site and social media pages in their articles. 

3. Use multi-channel marketing

Multi-channel marketing is incorporating various strategies to get the best possible results.

In today’s oversaturated market, just using one or two digital marketing strategies aren’t enough. Using various strategies in synergy is what will get you ahead of the competition. The right strategy combo is unique to each enterprise, so you’ll have to do trial and error or work closely with a reliable Indianapolis SEO company to develop a comprehensive and holistic strategy.

Pay-per-click (PPC) and SEO are often used together since PPC offers fast results and can help improve keyword targeting for your SEO campaign. Social media marketing is also a popular component of modern strategies due to the high volume of social media users and the high level of user engagement companies can get from social media.

4. Optimize internal links

Internal link optimization may seem challenging for sites with tens of thousands of pages, but without internal linking, site crawlers will have a hard time navigating your site and that translates to poor search engine rankings. To ensure that your site links are always up to speed, run regular site audits to track down broken links. Eliminate or fix them as soon as possible to prevent getting penalized. 

5. Improve accessibility

Site accessibility is becoming a priority for many search engine algorithms, so if your site has poor accessibility, you might just get demoted on the rankings.

Site accessibility mainly refers to how compliant your website is to the American Disabilities Act. There are about 61 million adults in the United States alone who live with some form of disability, and by not making your site as accessible as possible, you’re essentially alienating at least 61 million people. 

Here are a few ways you can improve site accessibility:

  • Including subtitles or transcripts for content with audio. Videos and podcasts aren’t accessible to site visitors with hearing problems but including closed captions and transcripts can help them get the message.
  • Using text captions to describe images and other content inaccessible to assistive browsers. Visually impaired individuals use assistive technology to browse websites, but these technologies are limited to scanning the text elements on a page. This means images, GIFs, and other such contents are inaccessible to them. Use captions underneath these media to give users an idea of what they contain.
  • Avoiding flashy features or loud music. These features could be distracting to people with disabilities that make it hard for them to concentrate. Either give the user the option to toggle their presence or eliminate them completely.

The key to succeeding with enterprise SEO is to stay updated on trends and consult with experts like those from Indianapolis SEO company to ensure you’re on the right track. Always put user experience at the core of your SEO efforts, as these are the ones search engines are prioritizing the most when ranking sites. 

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