5 Tools You Need To Know About Educational Software


Educational software describes any kind of software created for the purpose of education. In today’s digital world, students are surrounded by technology. The world of education isn’t any different.

Schools, colleges, universities, tutors, various online classes – all modern educators use technology to help facilitate and improve the quality of education.

Educators from all over the world have shifted to an online-based learning system, where they make use of various educational software and tools.

This is to help students understand and grasp their syllabus better. Software products are developed for various purposes within education. Some software helps with learning a language, some with getting feedback from teachers. Let’s review some stellar tech tools for modern learning.

5 Tools You Need To Know About Educational Software

Prime Software Solutions for Effective Education

There are a variety of platforms, tools, and applications available on the market. Here, we’ll be listing 5 such educational software that you need to know about.

1. Canvas

Canvas is a Learning Management System that efficiently compiles all the various activities taking place in a classroom, including administrative actions, and puts it on a single website you can log in to and conduct business from.

Teachers can create detailed courses within the platform and even make tests and grade students. 

They can also assign students projects and give them deadlines to complete them within. The highly intuitive platform takes the responsibility of sending out automated reminders, which makes the lives of teachers and students easier.

Canvas encourages innovation and helps in improving student engagement with its simple interface. 

Technology and artificial intelligence have been making their way into the world of education. Similarly, Canvas supports online learning and teaching and has made post-pandemic education easy to transition into for students and teachers all over the world.

Canvas targets higher education and offers a lot more administrative features for instructors and educators.

2. ClassDojo

More than an educational software, ClassDojo is known as social software that helps build communities within schools. We all know how important meaningful communication is for the effective working of any kind of system.

It is the same for classrooms where there needs to be a high level of cooperation, understanding, and healthy communication among students, teachers, parents, and other members of the system.

ClassDojo is focused on building and growing communities within primary schools. Students are placed in random groups and are given instructions for activities to be conducted on any particular day.

It also helps in creating a positive ambiance in the classroom with its extensive library of study music. 

There is also a feed feature, not very different from social media, where parents can view photos and videos posted by the school. Children are encouraged to build important life skills like social skills, sharing, obedience, and more with the help of ClassDojo.

3. OneNote

Technology allows for students to avail different services and use a variety of tools to help with writing. There are solutions ranging from notes applications to custom research paper service providers which exist in order to make modern learning easier and more personalized.

OneNote, for one, is a highly efficient and user-friendly note-taking app by Microsoft that assists students during classes. It is a digitized notebook where students can take notes on the go using both their stylus and a keypad option. 

Students also have the choice to record and save lectures so that they could revisit them later on if required. They can make use of the app’s sticky-note feature to remind themselves of important tasks and collaborate with fellow students on group projects.

The most useful of all, OneNote allows you to take notes on printed documents, i.e., PDFs. There are a variety of pens and highlighters to choose from, all in your pocket. Students use OneNote for easy, smart learning.

4. Padlet

Padlet is a great web-based platform for content curation and presentation. Has your teacher asked you to make a mood board and present it to class? No worries, Padlet’s got you.

The application replicates a bulletin board where you’d pin up a bunch of stuff that inspire you or help you with a project. Teachers and students can collaborate on Padlet and add notes, images, reminders, and more on this digital wall.

Users have the option to embed links from anywhere on the internet and post them onto a virtual bulletin board on Padlet. They can either keep their boards private or share them with their classroom.

Teachers use Padlet to monitor the learning process of the student. They’re able to understand what the student knows by taking a look at the board. There are different boards, including grids and free forms, that you can choose from to suit your needs.

5. Kahoot

Kahoot is the world’s favorite educational gamification platform that has made learning much less boring. Teachers create a high-energy environment with competition and enjoyment using Kahoot quizzes and questionnaires in class.

They host these to the whole classroom and get students to participate and learn. 

Learning through gaming has been proven to improve students’ memory and get them to take part in activities conducted in the classroom. Kahoot encourages team-building, positive initiation, and communication of young minds. Teachers can keep track of a student’s learning patterns and abilities using the same platform. 

Get Some Digital Learning Aid

As the challenges of living in a technology-driven world increase day by day, we have to prepare ourselves for the future. Education is the most powerful tool to empower oneself with. It is important to stay informed about the things that operate in the world we live in. Keeping up with the times is essential and educational software is the way to go. The mention and other educational tools can be your gateway into the learning of tomorrow!

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